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cover art Christian Boulé
Photo Musik
Musea FGBG 4296.AR || 2000 (1877) || £10.64 USD  EUR  JPY  + p+p +tax

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Most Gong fans will know of Christian via his work with Steve Hillage and Clearlight. At the end of 1977 he left the Hillage band to develop his solo career, recording this album in 1978. The influence of his time in Steve's band was still strong and can be readily heard. It fact at times you might think you are listening the man himself. But Christian's musical career started well before any involvement with Mr Hillage. He formed a band, Babylone' with Cyrille Verdeaux in 1972 and has worked with him extensively right up to the present day.

There are two very good bonus tracks recorded in 1999, both featuring some fine contributions from Tim Blake. The first in particular 'Comet Hotel' is very strong, with a great atmosphere and playing.

All Hillage and electric guitar fans approach with abandonment, you will definitely enjoy this CD.

Tracks: [45'40]
  1. Elastic Minute [4'08]
  2. Photo Musik [2'44]
  3. Cyrstal Palace [7'27]
  4. 22 Broad Street [4'25]
  5. Radio-Arc-en-Ciel [2'32]
  6. 5ème océan [2'37]
  7. Aqua Deva [2'57]
  8. Inter Galatic Cosmic Triolet [4'03]
  9. Orange Climax [7'38]
Bonus Tracks
  1. Comet Hotel [3'07]
  2. Estella Futur [3'56]
  • Tracks 1-9: The original album:
    • Christian Boulé {Guitar, Glissando Guitar, EMS Synthesizer, Harmonica, Flute, Radio Bubbles
    • Andy Flatten{Vocals
    • Cyrille Verdeaux {Grand Piano, Organ, Fender Rhodes, Micro Moog, Tubular Bells, Tambourine
    • Jacky Bouladoux {Drums, Percussion
    • Patrice Congas {Bass
    • Jean Pierre Thirault {Alto and Soprano Saxophones
    • Géraldine Andre {Vocals (5, 6), Tenor Sax (7)
    • Ian David Jelf {Vocals on track 3
  • Bonus track 10:
    • Christian Boulé {Guitar, Glissando Guitar, Voice
    • Tim Blake {Synthesizers, vocal, bass, drums, harmonica
    Bonus track 11:
    • Christian Boulé {Guitar, Glissando Guitar, Backing Vocals
    • Tim Blake {Bass, Drums
    • Cyrille Verdeaux {Keyboards
    • Liliane Duchene {Vocals
    • Eva {Backing vocals
    • Christophe {Harmonica