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cover art Mad Stof and Co.
NewOm MN720999 || 2001 || £10.64 USD  EUR  JPY  + p+p +tax

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If you like your beats pounding but otherworldy…

Look no further this psychedelic trance CD by You Remixer and Gong friend of many years Mad Stof. This will take you there - you just gotta move! Remember his great rushing trance version of the Om Riff on the Remixes and you'll know where this CD is coming from - and where you might end up.

Stof is helped by a host of friends including Tim Blake and Christian Boule who appear on the Hi T Visions, which was also co-written by Tim. And yet another You Remixer, Stefan of Total Eclipse also had a hand in the track Starlux. Well worth an investigate.

Tracks: [59'03]
  1. Leadfield [6'56] (149 bpm)
  2. Neuron's Way [8'39] (149 bpm)
  3. T.B.E. [8'09] (146 bpm)
  4. Sacred Cow [6'47] (151 bpm)
  5. Shalhava [6'41] (138 bpm)
  6. Hi T Visions [8'18] (150 bpm)
  7. Luminous [8'27] (146 bpm)
  8. Starlux [5'03] (140 bpm)
  • Stof Kovax {Synths, Computer tools}
  • Tim Blake {Sinthy, Gliss on Hi T Visions}
  • Stefan Holweck {Programming on Starlux}
  • Jan Mueler {Programming on Sacred Cow and Neuron's Way}
  • Ben {Live percussion on Shalhava}
  • Christian Boulé {Overdrive Guitar on Starlux, Gliss Guitar on Hi T Visions}
  • Abadai {Percussion on Shalhava}
  • Robyn Davidson {Voice on Luminous}