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Soupsongs Live - The Music of Robert Wyatt (2CD)
Jazzprint JVP101CD || 2001 || £12.77 USD  EUR  JPY  + p+p +tax

(Sorry, all gone)

Gong's breathy genius Didier Malherbe joined a host of excellent musicians in Annie Whitehead's band to play several concerts performing and celebrating the music of Robert Wyatt. I was lucky enough to see them at the Nancy Jazz festival when Gong were booked to play on the same bill as Soupsongs and Magma - they were really quite marvelous. This joyous and atmospheric double live CD was recorded in Newark in the UK and is every bit as good.

Relevant songs and music that will live forever, performed by the most sympathetic and skilled group of musicians one could hope for.

Tracks: [67'37]
Disc 1:
  1. Sonia 7'45 (Feza)
  2. A Sunday in Madrid [5'51] (Benge/Robert Wyatt)
  3. Sea Song [5'44] (Robert Wyatt)
  4. September the Ninth [7'22] (Benge/Robert Wyatt)
  5. The Duchess [6'26] (Robert Wyatt)
  6. P.L.A. [3'14] (Robert Wyatt)
  7. Alliance [7'06] (Robert Wyatt)
  8. Left On Man [6'43] (Robert Wyatt)
  9. Muddy Mouse [0'37] (Frith/Robert Wyatt)
  10. Solar Flares [5'06] (Robert Wyatt)
  11. 5 Black Notes and 1 White Note [4'43] (Offenbach/Robert Wyatt)
  12. Muddy Mouse - which in turn leads to Muddy Mouth [6'39] (Frith/Robert Wyatt)
Disc 2: [70'54]
  1. Free Will and Testament [4'40] (Robert Wyatt/Kramer)
  2. Team Spirit [7'12] (MacCormick/Robert Wyatt/Manzanera)
  3. Vandalusia [4'15] (Robert Wyatt)
  4. Little Red Riding Hood Hit the Road [6'09] (Robert Wyatt)
  5. Alifib/Alife [9'29] (Robert Wyatt)
  6. Sight of the Wind [8'36] (Robert Wyatt/Benge)
  7. Gharbzadegi [11'33] (Robert Wyatt)
  8. Soup Song [4'56] (Hugh Hopper/Robert Wyatt)
  9. Dondestan [7'45] (Robert Wyatt)
  10. Heeps of Sheeps [6'05] (Benge/Robert Wyatt/Eno)
  • Julie Tippetts {Voice}
  • Ian Maidman {Voice, Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Ukulele, Accordion}
  • Annie Whitehead {Trombone, Voice, Arrangements}
  • Didier Malherbe {Flutes, Alto and Soprano Saxophones, Doudouk, Ocarina}
  • George Khan {Tenor and Baritone Saxophones}
  • Harry Beckers {Trumpet, Flugelhorn}
  • Phil Manzanera {Electric Guitar}
  • Janette Mason {Keyboards, Piano}
  • Steve Lamb {Bass}
  • Liam Genocky {Drums}