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System 7 / Mirror System
n+x (Mini album CD)
a-wave AAGWCD017 || 16.03.2015 || £7.00 USD  EUR  JPY  + p+p +tax

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Delicious rich, long taster for the 'N-Port' and 'X-Port' the simultaneously released Mirror System and System 7 albums released on 16th October.

The perfect blend - both sides of the Steve and Miquette experience together on one release, the higher tempo System 7 (X-Port) and the more laid back Mirror System (N-Port).

The music is like being wrapped in precise organic architecture of ever en-folding and un-folding movement. Geometrically perfect, ever-changing flowing, patterns in motion with other levels and dimensions twinkling through the kaleidoscope of constant evolution. Shards of rhythm and atmospheres interplay with a languid grooving spiral of a beat - fractals of sound in fact. You could say I'm quite partial to it!

It is obviously of and by Steve and Miquette, yet at the same time beyond and disconnected from them - seemingly coming from some 'other' place, a unique combination of ultra-personal/non-personal.

Can't wait for the albums.

Recorded at a-wave studio, London, November 2014.

The packaging is a stylish digi-pak

Tracks: [43.00]
  1. System 7 - Chic Psychedelic (X-port version) [7.09] 1'30 | 1.4MB
  2. System 7 - 5 Beat [7.51] 1'30 | 1.4MB
  3. Mirror System - Chic Psychedelic (N-port version) [8.21] 1'30 | 1.4MB
  4. Mirror System - Blue Ocean [8.05] 1'30 | 1.4MB
  5. System 7 - On the Seventh Night (Boom 2010 Remix) [6.32] 1'30 | 1.4MB
  6. Mirror System - Thundernight [5.16] 1'30 | 1.4MB
System 7 / Mirror System
  • Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy