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University of Errors

Live at the Fleece

Subsalt Records SUBLIVERRZ 1

(currently unavailable)

The Errors - not putting a foot wrong live in Bristol. Recorded on digital multitrack on June 6, 2003. Live versions from all the UofE CDs to date, plus an 'Errorizing' of some Soft Machine, Matching Mole, Gong and daevid allen tunes. Powerful stuff indeed.


  1. Hope For Happiness Brian Hopper
  2. Wage Slave
  3. Money Doesn't Make It
  4. Involve Me
  5. Rich Men Eat My Voice
  6. So What?
  7. Mystico Fanatico daevid allen
  8. PHP 2032 daevid allen
  9. Earthbound
  10. Chainstore Chant/Pretty Miss Titty daevid allen
  11. O Caroline R. Wyatt
  12. Stoned Innocent Frankenstein daevid allen
  13. Shooting At The Moon
  14. Patapan


  • daevid allen guitar, vocals
  • Josh Pollock guitar, samples, megaphone
  • Warren Heugel drums, vocals
  • Michael Clare bass