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artwork University of Errors
Jet Propelled Photograph
Cuneform RUNE188 | 2004-05-04

(Sorry, all gone.)

Classic Soft Machine demos totally re-invented.

The Soft Machine demos have a complete make over and the result is a total breath of fresh air. Somehow the songs haven't lost any of their mid sixties magic and yet at the same time they have been brought bang up to date and magnificently 'Errorized'. Quite a feat. I can imagine that fans of both the Softs and UofE will be more than satisfied - not to mention that there are distinctly Gongish vibrations croping up from time to time.

When I first heard the news, I admit I wasn't too sure about daevid's decision to just handle the vocals and leave all guitar parts to Josh, even if Mr Pollock is the most wonderful guitarist. However that fortuitous or inspired decision has worked perfectly - Josh is simply fabulous. daevid, freed from any six-string duties, then turns in one of his best vocal performances in recent times. Perhaps it's a 66 year old singing the words of friends barely into their twenties when written but daevid's vocals are a combination of being genuinely poignant and full of twinkling knowingness. I think all the old Softies will very pleased with this album.

Let's hope that the ethically, if not 'legally' immoral practises that have witnessed the original Soft Machine demo tracks licensed to oblivion to all'n'sundry can somehow be circumnavigated so the writers of the songs finally get paid something from the proceeds of this release. Yo! - an album energetically reclaimed and most worthy of support - sounds damn great as well.

Tracks: [49'59]
  1. That's How Much I Need You Now [4'03] (Robert Wyatt)
  2. Save Yourself [3'28] (Robert Wyatt)
  3. I Should've Know [5'43] (Hugh Hopper)
  4. Shooting at the Moon (aka Jet Propelled Photograph) [4'12] (Kevin Ayers)
  5. When I Don't Want You [4'12] (Hugh Hopper)
  6. Memories [3'15] (Hugh Hopper)
  7. You Don't Remember [4'05] (Robert Wyatt/daevid allen)
  8. She's Gone [2'17] (Kevin Ayers)
  9. I Rather Be With You [3'40] (Kevin Ayers)
  10. Love Makes Sweet Music []3.07 (Kevin Ayers)
  11. Feelin' Reelin' Squealin' [2'40] (Kevin Ayers)
  12. Hope For Happiness [5'53] (Brian Hopper)
  13. We Know What You Mean (Soon Soon Soon) [3'24] (Kevin Ayers)
  • daevid allen {Vocals}
  • Michael Clare {Bass}
  • Josh Pollock {Guitar}
  • Warren Heugel {Drums}