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Charly CDCRH120 || £8.50 USD  EUR  JPY  + p+p +tax

(Sorry, currently out of stock)

Cheaper Charly issue in different cover.

The music is as brilliant as any of the other You issues, the cover is almost as bad as Charly Records can be (although I think their version of Flying Teapot has to be the worst). Repeats the same 'history' of Gong liner notes as Charly's Angel's Egg release.

As with all Charly Trilogy Gong releases, those among you who want everything and every issue, or those with an eye for a bargain...this is for you.

Note: Unfortunately, the only way the musicians will benefit in any way from sales of this release is if you buy it here - otherwise they can expect no royalties on sales or publishing.

Tracks: [44'50]
  1. Thoughts For Nought [1'32]
  2. A P.H.P.'s Advice [1'38]
  3. Magick Mother Invocation [2'11]
  4. Master Builder [6'17]
  5. A Sprinkling of Clouds [9'03]
  6. Perfect Mystery [2'31]
  7. The Isle of Everywhere [10'24]
  8. You Never Blow Your Trip Forever [11'10]
  • Mike Howlett {Bass Guitar}
  • Pierre Moerlen {Percussion, with Mireille Bauer and Benoit Moerlen}
  • Steve Hillage {Lead Guitar}
  • Didier Malherbe {Wind instruments, Vocals}
  • Tim Blake {Moog and EMS Synthesisers and Vocals}
  • daevid allen {Vocals and Glissando Guitar}
  • Gilli Smyth {Poems and Space Whisper}
  • Miquette Guiraudy {Backing Vocals}