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cover art Gong
Virgin CDVR 2019 || 2004-10-04 || £7.65 USD  EUR  JPY  + p+p +tax

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Fantastic sounding re-mastered re-issue with bonus track and expanded artwork.

Opinion is divided as to whether this 1974 album or 'Angel's Egg' is 'the' classic Gong album of the earlier years. Hypnotic, mantric spacey pieces linked by tracks of musical brilliance and lyrics of wisdom and humour (often the same thing?). Akin to a spiritual experience really.

After the exuberant and eccentric recording sessions for Gong's previous album, 'Angel's Egg', which took place largely in the band's communal house in France, the studio-bound 'You' sessions were more of a struggle so 'bonus' track material is thin on the ground. However the re-mastered sound alone, sourced from the original master tapes and the expanded booklet with the original lyric sheet and linking text more than compensate, making this the definitive CD edition of this glorious album.

The full original lyric sheet and track linking text have been included in the (at times rather oddly laid out and coloured) illustrated booklet which opens doors to the further dimensions of the Planet Gong for those who choose to travel there.

Tracks: [46'60]
  1. Thoughts For Nought [1'33]
  2. A P.H.P.'s Advice [1'45]
  3. Magick Mother Invocation [1'57]
  4. Master Builder [6'20]
  5. A Sprinkling of Clouds [8'57]
  6. Perfect Mystery [2'28]
  7. The Isle of Everywhere [10'21]
  8. You Never Blow Your Trip Forever [11'32]
Bonus Track:
  1. A P.H.P.'s Advice[1'47] (Alternate Version - previously unreleased)
  • Mike Howlett {Bass Guitar}
  • Pierre Moerlen {Percussion, with Mireille Bauer and Benoit Moerlen}
  • Steve Hillage {Lead Guitar}
  • Didier Malherbe {Wind instruments, Vocals}
  • Tim Blake {Moog and EMS Synthesisers and Vocals}
  • daevid allen {Vocals and Glissando Guitar}
  • Gilli Smyth {Poems and Space Whisper}
  • Miquette Giraudy {Backing Vocals}