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cover art Didier Malherbe
Tangram 842620 || 1992 || £11.49 USD  EUR  JPY  + p+p +tax

(Sorry, no longer available.)

First Didier solo album since 1979.

One of Didier's most experimental albums based as it is on the new circular plastic instrument pictured on the cover, the Zeff. But the man is such a total and naturally gifted musician that the result is nothing less than magnificent. A host of friends crop up on the CD adding to the melodic and musically ambient textures which make up this little known gem of an album which rises beyond any musical catagory.

Tracks: [52'53]
  1. Zeff dance [4'10] (Didier Malherbe)
  2. Zeff waves [8'09] (Didier Malherbe)
  3. Drôle de Zeff [3'18] (Didier Malherbe)
  4. Zeff over the dunes [6'22] (Didier Malherbe/Shyamal Maitra)
  5. Zeff up [2'04] (Didier Malherbe)
  6. Zeffing away [4'03] (Didier Malherbe)
  7. Zeff in the box [5'54] (Didier Malherbe/John Livengood)
  8. Am stram jam [4'18 (Didier Malherbe/Jean Philippe Rykiel)
  9. South calls [4'05] (Didier Malherbe)
  10. Impromenade [10'26] (Didier Malherbe)
  • Didier Malherbe {Circular Plastic Bass Flute, Alto Flute, Indian Bamboo Flutes, Ocarinas, Alto Clarinet, Soprano and Tenor Saxophones, WX7 Midi Sax, Percussion}
  • Shamal Maitra {Tablas, Ghatam, Djembé, Bowls, Zeff Gongs, Sanza, Water Bells and other percussion}
  • Gilles Cissoco {Djembé: 1}
  • Lansine Kouyate {Balafon: 1}
  • Soriba Kuyate {Kora: 8, 9}
  • Jean-Philippe Rykiel {Synth: 8}
  • Henri Agnel {Sarod: 10}
  • Loy Ehrlich {Piano: 8; Gembri Bass: 9}
  • John Livengood {Digital Processing: 7}