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cover art Jackie Juno
Reincarnation Street
Region 0 (All Areas) DVD
Dakini Productions DKRDVD02 || 2013 || £10.00 USD  EUR  JPY  + p+p +tax

"A tour de force of dodgy puppet acting, shoddy sets made from old cereal boxes and bits cut out of magazines."

I know we don't stock enough puppet DVDs - well the wait is over!. Invisi-bless Jackie Juno un-leashes her wicked sense of humour all over some deeply cherished sacred cows of new-age (now mainstream "we can make a buck here") therapies, concepts and general bag-age. Chortle, hoot, guffaw and occasionally titter to five episodes of gentle madness.

We are not talking Gerry Anderson, or even Oliver Postgate - but then again neither of those Gods the marionette universe featured establishments such as 'Touching Our Souls' (Clairvoyance and Plumbing), had the all latest going's on at 'Tossers' (Creperie and Didjeridu Healing), or offered outrageous, pithy commentary on all manner fads and fashions on Reincarnation Street and one young man's journey through it.

Colourful, illustrated gatefold card sleeve with free, un-folding, one-sided A4, photocopied, bonus b/w map of Reincarnation Street itself - no less.

Episodes: [44']
  • {Devised and written by} Jackie Juno
  • {Camera and editing by} Ceri Baker
  • {Featuring the voices of} Jackie Juno and Matt Roper
  • {Guest appearances from} Ley Burdis, Brian Abbott and Ceri Baker
  • {Sets and puppets created by} Jackie Juno
  • {Photography and sleeve design} Trevor Thompson