planet gong bazaar


University of Errors

Live at the Glastonbury Assembly Rooms

Region 0 (All Areas)

One of daevid's best 'mistakes', the ever-pleasing UofE doing their thing with deep gusto (not a guest musician). There was nothing quite like them. The first in a series of Lawrence the Monk Gongish films spanning the years - bizarre treasures each and every one. The full gig, plus snippets of odd, in a slim-line case with a wee bit of a booklet.

2008-05-30 : The leaning tower of Glastonbury Assembly Rooms (portal to other realms, some even nice), the remains of University of Errors at the end of a brilliant tourette seen by 23 people and the ubiquitous dog, a PA strung together with sealing wax and string, a flickering bulb or three, and the massed psycho-derelicts of Avalon (I include m'self) in attendance - what could possibly go wrong? Well nothing really, it was a recipe for a brilliant night. One small bespoke pressing only.


  1. That's How Much I Need You Now
  2. Save Yourself
  3. Memories
  4. Money Doesn't Make It
  5. Why Am I So Short
  6. When I Don't Want You
  7. PHP 2032
  8. Hop For Happiness
  9. Rich Man Eat My Voice
  10. Caroline
  11. Shooting At The Moon
  12. Stoned Innocent Frankenstein
  13. Fohat Digs Holes In Space
  14. Clarence in Wonderland
  15. We Did It Again


  • daevid allen guitar, vocals
  • michael clare bass
  • josh pollock guitar, vocals
  • warren heugel drums, vocals