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updated Fri 20 Apr, 2018
System 7 + Mirror System = Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy
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cover art System 7 / Mirror System
Café Seven CD
Available now - the System 7/Mirror System album to gladden hearts and lift spirits.

cover art Steve Hillage Band
Düsseldorf 28.3.79 2CD
Stunning, top-class double CD of 1979 gig from Steve's archives.

cover art Steve Hillage
Düsseldorf 28.3.79 3LP
Triple vinyl edition of wonderful 1979 concert (almost certainly limited to 1000 copy pressing).

cover art Steve Hillage
Searching For The Spark 22CD box set
Unbelievable limited edition 22 disc box-set.

cover art Mirror System
N-Port CD
Brilliant new album. Mirror System moves to a new level.

cover art System 7
X-Port CD
2015. Definitive, great album.

cover art System 7 + Mirror System
n+x mini album CD 2015
Fabulous 43 minute hors d'oeuvre for N-Port and X-Port albums.

cover art System 7
Out 2CD
Bulging with of fantastic tracks, the majority only previously available on 12-inch vinyl or as downloads.

cover art System 7
Phoenix CD Japan
Totally different cover Japanese edition of 2008 album.

cover art Makyo
Purnima Remixed CD
Limited edition Japanese release featuring Mirror System remix.

cover art Rovo + System 7
Phoenix Rising CD
Stunning progressive/techno fusion.

cover art Rovo + System 7
Hinotori + Phoenix Rising CD/EP
42 minute part taster, part great addition/extension to the Phoenix Rising album.

cover art System 7
Passion CD/EP

(Sorry, sold out.)

Limited edition, Japanese only release.

cover art ROVO + System 7
Phoenix Rising CD/EP + DVD

(Sorry all gone)

Limited edition, Japan-only release.

cover art System 7
Up CD AAWCD014 30/05/2011
Up it's called and Up it takes us - System 7's album simply soars.

cover art Mirror System
Reflector CD AAWCKCD001
The 69 Steps, volume 4.

cover art System 7
Phoenix CD AAWCD012

cover art Mirror System
Mirror System CD AAWCD011

cover art System 7
Encantado CD AAWCD009

cover art System 7
Live Transmissions CD AAWCD010

cover art System 7 + Derrick May
Mysterious Traveller CD AAWCD008

cover art System 7
Seventh Wave CD AAWCD007

cover art System 7
Golden Section CD AAWCD006
(1997) 26/05/2003

cover art System 7
System Express CD AAWCD005 (1996) 13/11/2000

cover art System 7
Power of Seven7 CD AAWCD004
(1996) 13/11/2000

cover art System 7
Point 3 - Water CD AAWCD003
(1994) 26/05/2003

cover art System 7
Point 3 - Fire CD AAWCD002
(1994) 26/05/2003

cover art System 7
777 CD AAWCD001
(1993) 2003-05-26

cover art System 7
Positive Noise (12-inch)
Steller mixes of the Positive Noise track from the Up album, one by Carl Craig and one by A. Mochi, plus a Club mix by System 7 of the original track

cover art System 7
Alphawave - Plastikman AcidHouse Mix (12-inch)
Two hynotically pulsating classic remixes of System 7 available again.

cover art System 7
Space Bird (12-inch)
Brilliant mind-warping mixes of the Phoenix track, one by Dubfire and one by Liquid Soul, plus the original

cover art System 7
Planet 7 Remixes (12-inch)
Remixes by Son Kite and James Holden. The original mix is a great System 7 groove, enriched with their trademark echo guitar and psychedelic keyboard loops

t-shirt design System 7 / Rovo
Phoenix Rising t-shirt

(Sorry, all gone.)

Green and pink print on black shirt. Japanese t-shirt made for 2014 Fuji Rock Festival. With back print. Very limited.

t-shirt design System 7
Japanese UP fleecy sweatshirt
Thick, highest quality long-sleeved cotton fleecy/sweatshirt top with extra-large print from shoulder to shoulder. Made in tiny quanities for 'Up' album promotion in Japan. Only a few large and medium available. Priced to sell.

design System 7
Phoenix t-shirt
High quality, short or long sleeve Black shirt with a silver metallic image of the famous Phoenix (© Tezuka Productions), and the System 7 logo (about 20 centimetres).

design System 7
Golden Section t-shirt
High quality, thick, 100% cotton Black Fruit of the Loom T-shirt. The very last of Steve and Miquette's stock - a handful of each, made for a US tour and no plans to produce any more of this design.

design System 7
Faces t-shirt
High quality, thick, black 100% cotton Fruit of the Loom. Women's 10/12 sizes only. The very last of Steve and Miquette's stock of shirts - a handful of each sort, made for a US tour years ago, and no plans to produce any more.
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