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updated Wed 14 Oct, 2015
System 7 + Mirror System = Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy
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cover art Mirror System
N-Port CD
Brilliant new album. Mirror System moves to a new level.

cover art System 7
X-Port CD
2015. Definitive, great album.

cover art System 7 + Mirror System
n+x mini album CD 2015
Fabulous 43 minute hors d'oeuvre for N-Port and X-Port albums.

cover art System 7
Out 2CD
Bulging with of fantastic tracks, the majority only previously available on 12-inch vinyl or as downloads.

cover art System 7
Phoenix CD Japan
Totally different cover Japanese edition of 2008 album.

cover art Makyo
Purnima Remixed CD
Limited edition Japanese release featuring Mirror System remix.

cover art Rovo + System 7
Phoenix Rising CD
Stunning progressive/techno fusion.

cover art Rovo + System 7
Hinotori + Phoenix Rising CD/EP
42 minute part taster, part great addition/extension to the Phoenix Rising album.

cover art System 7
Passion CD/EP

(Sorry, sold out.)

Limited edition, Japanese only release.

cover art ROVO + System 7
Phoenix Rising CD/EP + DVD

(Sorry all gone)

Limited edition, Japan-only release.

cover art System 7
Up CD AAWCD014 30/05/2011
Up it's called and Up it takes us - System 7's album simply soars.

cover art Mirror System
Reflector CD AAWCKCD001
The 69 Steps, volume 4.

cover art System 7
Phoenix CD AAWCD012

cover art Mirror System
Mirror System CD AAWCD011

cover art System 7
Encantado CD AAWCD009

cover art System 7
Live Transmissions CD AAWCD010

cover art System 7 + Derrick May
Mysterious Traveller CD AAWCD008

cover art System 7
Seventh Wave CD AAWCD007

cover art System 7
Golden Section CD AAWCD006
(1997) 26/05/2003

cover art System 7
System Express CD AAWCD005 (1996) 13/11/2000

cover art System 7
Power of Seven7 CD AAWCD004
(1996) 13/11/2000

cover art System 7
Point 3 - Water CD AAWCD003
(1994) 26/05/2003

cover art System 7
Point 3 - Fire CD AAWCD002
(1994) 26/05/2003

cover art System 7
777 CD AAWCD001
(1993) 2003-05-26

cover art System 7
Positive Noise (12-inch)
Steller mixes of the Positive Noise track from the Up album, one by Carl Craig and one by A. Mochi, plus a Club mix by System 7 of the original track

cover art System 7
Alphawave - Plastikman AcidHouse Mix (12-inch)
Two hynotically pulsating classic remixes of System 7 available again.

cover art System 7
Space Bird (12-inch)
Brilliant mind-warping mixes of the Phoenix track, one by Dubfire and one by Liquid Soul, plus the original

cover art System 7
Planet 7 Remixes (12-inch)
Remixes by Son Kite and James Holden. The original mix is a great System 7 groove, enriched with their trademark echo guitar and psychedelic keyboard loops

t-shirt design System 7 / Rovo
Phoenix Rising t-shirt

(Sorry, all gone.)

Green and pink print on black shirt. Japanese t-shirt made for 2014 Fuji Rock Festival. With back print. Very limited.

t-shirt design System 7
Japanese UP fleecy sweatshirt
Thick, highest quality long-sleeved cotton fleecy/sweatshirt top with extra-large print from shoulder to shoulder. Made in tiny quanities for 'Up' album promotion in Japan. Only a few large and medium available. Priced to sell.

design System 7
Phoenix t-shirt
High quality, short or long sleeve Black shirt with a silver metallic image of the famous Phoenix (© Tezuka Productions), and the System 7 logo (about 20 centimetres).

design System 7
Golden Section t-shirt
High quality, thick, 100% cotton Black Fruit of the Loom T-shirt. The very last of Steve and Miquette's stock - a handful of each, made for a US tour and no plans to produce any more of this design.

design System 7
Faces t-shirt
High quality, thick, black 100% cotton Fruit of the Loom. Women's 10/12 sizes only. The very last of Steve and Miquette's stock of shirts - a handful of each sort, made for a US tour years ago, and no plans to produce any more.
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