planet gong bazaar

bananamoon obscura

"a chance to make public a series of limited editions of my favourite moments of inspired musical and poetic creativity"

obscura 17

Guru & Zero

Beauty and the Basket Case CD

Number 17 in the series. Limited release (1000). Live Guru & Zero. Selected recordings from the first spontaneous concerts twixt daevid and Makoto and Cotton Casino of the Acid Mothers Temple.

obscura 14

daevid allen

Radio Art, 1984 CD

Number 14 in the series. Limited release (1000). A quirky mind-state altering one hour radio program in the form of an intense tape collage created by daevid on a Revox and TEAC four track tape recorder in Mullumbimby.

obscura 13

dAEviD aLLen & Altered Walter Funk

Altered States of Alien KWISP CD

Number 13 in the series. Limited release (1000). Weirdness of weirdness. No-one transforms daevid's music like Altered Walter from the University of Errors track to secret glissandi codes using the altering audio mobiles of KWISP. Composed using chaos math.

obscura 12

daevid allen & Don Falcone

Glissando Grooves CD

Number 12 in the series. Limited release (1000). daevid glisses into infinity…. Wonderful. Elegant West coast grooves featuring daevid's gliss guitar with the Spirits Burning crew. Should have been a main album.

obscura 11

Magic Brothers

Live in Glastonbury CD

Number 11 in the series. Limited release (1000) A typical multi-guest Assembly Rooms hoolie of a gig. A mixture of daevid acoustic songs and wonderful stretched out Magick Brothers magic. With guests from Kangaroo Moon and Heathens All. Very well recorded and very vibey.

obscura 10

Invisible Opera Company of Oz

Melbourne Studio Tapes CD

Number 10 in the series. Limited release (1000). Unreleased studio demos with Harry Williamson and Mother Gong rhythm section. Classy sounding demos and different versions of some well know songs. Funkier, more relaxed versions often sound better than the eventually released high studio gloss tracks. Totally recommended to all who like daevid's late '80's/early '90's output.

obscura 9

Divided Alien Playbax

The Mistake Club CD

Number 9 in the series. Limited release (1000). Disc 2 of 2. Radio broadcast of the second part of daevid's technologically rich solo show from way back when.

obscura 8

Divided Alien Playbax

The Mistake Club CD

Number 8 in the series. Limited release (1000). Disc 1 of 2. daevid's groundbreaking live solo show based around the New York Gong recordings. Originally recorded and broadcast by WKSU in Kent, Ohio.

obscura 7

daevid allen + das

The Mystery Disque CD

Number 7 in the series. Limited release (1000) Gleeful pataphysical encounters. Covers work that daevid has done with the bigcityorchestra over the past 20 years, and NEW noisy tracks. Something else indeed. Changes the very air around you.

obscura 4

daevid allen & Russell Hibbs

Bards of Byron Bay CD

Number 4 in the series. Limited release (1000). Live acoustic gig with daevid and Russell Hibbs. Two natural tune-smiths recorded live in front of a hometown audience as they take turns playing some of their favourite acoustic compositions. Great daevid tracks beautifully complimented by the Celtic-tinged songs by Russell of Nectan's Glen fame.

obscura 16

daevid allen

Gong on Acid '73 CD

(Sold out)

Number 16 in the series. Limited release (1000). Unique treated collage featuring archive recordings. A classic daevid splice job utilising recordings that feature on the 'Gong in the 70's album. A musical acid trip on less.

obscura 15

daevid allen

at The Axiom, Cheltenham '98 CD

(Sold out)

Number 15 in the series. Limited release (1000) Great live electro/acoustic daevid gig, let down a little by the audio quality.

obscura 6

daevid allen & Nicoletta Stephanz

Live at the Knitting Factory CD

Number 6 in the series. Limited release (1000). This live CD of Gliss guitar, Theremin, and treated vocals results in a marvellously adventurous cauldron of sounds and spacey textures. Both musicians combine superbly well together with their distinctly odd chosen instruments to create totally unique sonic experience.

obscura 5

University of Errors

Live in Chicago CD

(Sold out)

Number 5 in the series. Limited release (1000). Powerful live versions of 1st University of Errors album with some daevid/Gong tracks. A more mainstream release for the electric guitar feast of live set, previously only available at University of Errors gigs and briefly here, as a homemade disc.

obscura 3

daevid allen

Self Initiation CD

(Sold out)

Number 3 in the series. Limited release (1000). daevid composed themes used in Workshops. Meditation and healing music invoked in the mountains behind Mullumbimby in NSW, Australia. Later used in Self Initiation Workshops held mostly in and around Glastonbury.

obscura 2


Live in the UK CD

(Sold out)

Number 2 in the series. Limited release (1000). daevid allen, Hugh Hopper and Pip Pyle go for it! The most eccentric 3 piece jazz rock outfit of the Canterbury School. An amazingly creative live outfit who originally existed for a handful of memorable dates in 1998 - may they rise again.

obscura 1

daevid allen & Euterpe

Studio Rehearsal Tapes, 1977 CD

(Sold out)

Number 1 in the series. Limited release (1000). 'Live' Electro/acoustic daevid 'Good Morning and Gong songs. Final rehearsal at the Bananamoon Observatory in Deya for the 1977 Gong reunion gig at the Hippodrome. Great quality and pretty much essential.