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elevenses cd

Weird Quartet

Elevenses CD

daevid allen - a curate's egg of a release…


Weird Quartet

Elevenses LP

2nd daevid allen 'Weird Biscuit Teatime' release, on vinyl, with insert.

wierd biscuit teatime

Weird Biscuit Teatime


(Sorry, all gone - might return someday)

daevid allen on guitar and vocals - a darker grandeur, with a rocking Brainville edge.

sea shanties

Bilge Seaweed Orcastrua

Sea Shanties single

Limited edition 7-inch coloured vinyl in a picture sleeve - daevid allen guesting.

tried so hard

Invisible Opera Company of Tibet

Tried So Hard single

Great studio recording. 7-inch pressing of 500 in picture sleeve.

stoned innocent frankenstein

daevid allen

Stoned Innocent Frankenstein CD

Sorry, out of pressing. Will return one day.

Double album of unreleased alternative versions and different mixes of daevid's first solo album.

australia aquaria

daevid allen

Australia Aquaria CD

1990 solo album, remastered with a new expanded booklet. What a fabulous album this is!

owl in the tree

Mother Gong

The Owl & the Tree CD

Superior remastered sound. The full lyrics in the booklet, and a bonus track.

7 drones cd

daevid allen

Seven Drones CD

Deeply light and lightly deep. Beautifully re-edited, re-mastered, re-covered and with new liner notes by daevid. One of the prime keys to Gong and way beyond - simple as that.

dreamin' a dream

daevid allen

Dreamin' a Dream CD

Electro-acoustic 'solo' album, with guests Graham Clark (Magick Brothers, Gong, Gongmaison) and Tim Hall.

brazil gong

Gong Global Family

Live in Brazil CD

Exciting 2007 South American Gong band : daevid allen, Fabio Golfetti, Josh Pollock, Fred Barley, Gabriel Costa, and Marcelo Ringel.


daevid allen

Eat Me Baby I'm a Jellybean CD

daevid tweaks or adds lyrics to quirkily, brilliantly played jazz standards.

brainville 3

Brainville 3

Trial By Headline CD

Previously unreleased live concerts from 2007. All profits for the benefit of Hugh Hopper's family. daevid allen, Chris Cutler and Hugh Hopper recorded live in Berlin as part of the 'Sound in the Cities' project, but also with a couple of pieces from London's Borderline gig in June '07 and Tel Aviv.

brainville live nyc

Brainville 1

Live in NYC '98 CD

Previously unreleased live concert from 1998 - recorded just before Brainville's only studio album to date, Children's Crusade, which was recorded in the Knitting Room studio, below the Knitting Room venue.

sixty minutes

daevid allen

Sixty Minutes with… CD

Compilation of tracks from daevid's Voiceprint releases.


daevid allen trio

Live 1963 CD

Allen, Hopper, Wyatt, Ratledge. Tres Tres Rosbif.

ex-don't stop

daevid allen & david tolley

Ex-Don't Stop LP

Last copies of daevid's 1983 colaboration recorded in Australia.

live at the witchwood

Magick Brothers

Live at the Witchwood 1991 CD

Electro acoustic magic from daevid allen and the Magick Brothers.

one who whispers


One Who Whispers CD

Theo Travis' intelligently 'ambient' duo with daevid allen guesting on glissando guitar.


daevid allen


commissioned by an Australian Gongster to produce a large illustration, daevid enjoyed doing it so much that we thought there may be more of you itching to own an alien original… there were

commission postcards set

8 postcards A5

daevid allen

8 different large black and white printed postcards of daevid's commissioned line drawings, with a tiny version of a different drawing in the stamp box

a5 osama postcard

4 postcards A5

daevid allen

148mm x 210mm large nicely printed fabulously detailed postcards of one of daevid's commissioned line drawings - limited printing of 200

a5 osama postcard

Osama Bin Hardon A5

daevid allen

148mm x 210mm nicely printed postcard of one of daevid's commissioned line drawings

a5 postcard

Airy Mary A5

daevid allen

148mm x 210mm large nicely printed postcard of one of daevid's commissioned line drawings

a5 curious melody postcard

Curious Melody A5

daevid allen

148mm x 210mm large nicely printed postcard of one of daevid's commissioned line drawing artworks

a5 mister good postcard

Mister Good A5

daevid allen

148mm x 210mm large well-printed postcard of one of daevid's commissioned line drawings

alternative australia

Alternative Australia

Alan Dearling & Mook Bahloo

Celebrating Cultural Diversity - '…crammed full with tribal wisdom, feral attitude and hippy shit….' Soft Cover, 250 heavy glossy pages, 215mm x 200mm - tons of photos and illustrations. Contributors include daevid allen and Thom the World Poet. A celebratory, roller-coaster ride through the many parts of alternative Australia. The communities, the tribal elders, the eco-protestors and performing arts scene, it's all here. All manner of contributors including things from daevid and Thom the World Poet. If you want to get the feel of, and understand the alternative scene in Oz, then here is a great place to start. As this is quite a weighty book the postage may be more than the shopping cart shows, especially to overseas.


Camembert Electrique

daevid allen

8 page card booklet, 30cm x 14cm. Black on white reproduction of original lyric inserts. Classic daevid allen artwork and typography. Originally a white on blue insert in the first BYG LP.


Book of Chloroforms

daevid allen

'Poetry of the Sleeping Life.' 40 page booklet of daevid's totally absorbing text-rich line drawings from 1966.
deep background…
Completed by daevid in 1966, this book was not printed until found in the GAS archives in the late '80's. The first cover illustrated above is typical of what lies within. A little classic that rewards repeated readings and viewings. Fragments of future daevid and Gong lyrics and proto-pixies emerge from the mix of unique swirling alien line drawings. (booklet cover colours may vary)

Free Mother Romania

Free Mother Romania

daevid allen

40 page booklet. Open Diaries of daevid's Transylvanian Adventures, July 1990.
deep background…

When daevid decided spontaneously to travel to Romania in July 1990, all he knew about the country was from media coverage of the December '89 revolution - which fascinated him - and that there were many, many orphans needing help. He arrived in Bucharest with knowing no-one and with nowhere to stay, but found a warm, generous and stimulating people, eager to communicate on all levels - despite the invisible hand of fear and social repression still hovering over their shoulder. daevid's view of life in Romania has the unique and personal quality of a poet, political observer, traveller, humanist and friend. You'll love it. (booklet cover colours may vary)

if words were birds

If Words Were Birds

daevid allen

28 page A5 booklet. Reprint of daevid's first volume of poetry, originally published in 1964. 21 choice early bits, including the first appearance of 'Captain Shaw and Mr Gilbert'. daevid initially gave copies to all his friends to illustrate, à la Sun Ra - the band illustrating their own LP sleeves. The copy we have used for this re-print has a drawing on the cover by Gilli's then young daughter Tasmin. (booklet cover colours may vary)



daevid allen

daevid's companion volume to Gong's album of the same name, first published in 1992. 56 page A5 illustrated lyric booklet. Enhance your Shapeshifter album with this specially written volume, or read on its own. (booklet cover colours may vary)
deep background…

The story of Zero the Hero continues… Forbidden the use of money, he enters a limbo-like state linked to constant travelling around the world by plane, leaving it briefly at various destinations for further strange initiatory adventures.

Written and illustrated by daevid. Full of detail, an unmissable aid to the fuller and deeper understanding of Gong's 'Shapeshifter' album (not to mention the Alien brain).

As the Shapeshifter album is Radio Gnome Invisible Part 4, this book is a vital and highly entertaining key to understanding the link between the 'You' and 'Zero To Infinitea' albums.

Wot Happened to Walter

Wot Happened to Walter

daevid allen

14 page cartoon booklet. 'Wot Happened to Walter When He Got into Scuttles with a Doggerel - A Bananabook for Helen & Walter, The Traveling Allens.' Reproduction cartoon booklet drawn by daevid in Deya in 1969 in preparation for a visit from his parents. (booklet cover colours may vary)
deep background…

daevid was slightly apprehensive about seeing his parents for the first time since he left Australia almost 10 years before. This funny fantasy cartoon on how the meeting might possibly turn out was his response. Needless to say many things had changed since he left Oz a fresh-faced, basically un-chemically experienced beatnik in 1959, added to which they were also meeting Gilli for the first time.