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GAS records has sometimes been perceived as a retro or collectors label - partly due to our early association with Voiceprint, partly by the first releases : Camembert Eclectique, and Paragong Live '73.

morning glory

Silver on the Tree

Morning Glory CD

Beautiful Pagan acapella CD produced with daevid allen.



Isthmus CD

Fantastic Improvised melodic Jazz CD by Gong, Gongmaison, and Magick Brother violinist Graham Clark. Spontaneous jazz improvisation of the highest order.

hit and myth

Lady June

Hit and Myth CD

Canterbury scene cult artist and poet. 2nd release compiled with a host of 'Canterbury' musicians. A humourous, surreal CD full of rye observations on life's foibles and paradigm slippage.

even as we


Even As We CD

Steffe and Gilli Smyth's luscious 'ambient-with-beats' masterpiece.

dreamin' a dream

daevid allen

Dreamin' a Dream CD

Electro-acoustic 'solo' album, with guests Graham Clark (Magick Brothers, Gong, Gongmaison) and Tim Hall.


Gliss Records is for all the Gong bands and musicians. When the time came to release 'You Remixed' we decided to expand our audience - then came Global, and the Glo re-issue - more dance-oriented things will be on Gliss.

you remixed


You Remixed 2CD

Gong's classic 'You' album, remixed by the Orb, System 7, Total Eclipse, Steffe, Doof, Astralasia, Shamen, Graham Massey, Moodswings, more. Two hours of prime cosmic techno.

even as we


Even As We CD

Steffe and Gilli Smyth's luscious 'ambient-with-beats' masterpiece.

bubbled up on dub volume 1

Natural Progression

Bubbled up on Dub, volume 1 CD

Totally uplifting yet solidly earthed psychedelic dub From Gong's Steffe, plus Arkology, Doof and the Herb, all masters of the genre.

one who whispers


One Who Whispers CD

Theo Travis' intelligently 'ambient' duo with daevid allen guesting on glissando guitar.


Archive releases, out of the depths of time.

live 1991

Planet Gong

Live Floating Anarchy 1991 CD

75 minutes of prime live space-punk from daevid with Here & Now Re-mastered from the original gig tapes chosen by Steffe. The 'classic' Planet Gong live set.