planet gong bazaar

Gilli Smyth & Mother Gong

robot woman trilogy

Mother Gong

Robot Woman Trilogy 4CD

Limited edition 4CD hardback ear-book - 1500 copies worldwide.


Mother Gong


Most of Mothergong's live 2005 unCon set from The Assembly Rooms, Glastonbury, and more. Great, clear multi-track recording with Didier, Graham Clark, Orlando Allen and Gwyo beautifully supporting a very in-form Gilli.

i am your egg

Gilli Smyth

I Am Your Egg CD

Glorious supernatural melange with daevid allen, Orlando Monday.


Gong Matrices

Parade CD

Excellent debut album from Gilli Smyth's San Francisco band. This is very good indeed.

wild child

Mother Gong

Wild Child CD

Originally recorded in an ancient Celtic valley, under a wild, cloud-driven full moon. Remastered re-issue with expanded, illustrated booklet.

owl in the tree

Mother Gong

The Owl & the Tree CD

Superior remastered sound. The full lyrics in the booklet, and a bonus track.

even as we


Even As We CD

Steffe and Gilli Smyth's luscious 'ambient-with-beats' masterpiece.


Mother Gong

Tree In Fish CD

Recorded partly live on the 1991 Mother Gong USA tour, partly in Spring Studio, Melbourne, Australia


Mother Gong

Eye CD

1994 and all that

mothergong live 1991


Live 1991 CD

Gilli Smyth, Harry Williamson and Rob Calvert tour the States with Thom the World Poet. Remastered, re-covered, and reissued. Previously unavailable for quite some time.

electric shiatsu

Goddess T

Electric Shiatsu CD

Great organic, psychedelic, ambient trance from Gilli Smyth, with daevid allen guesting.

best of mother gong glastonbury

Mother Gong

Glastonbury Festival '79-81 CD

A selection of the best tracks of Mothergong's two Glastonbury Festival performances. Contains traces of Didier Malherbe, Nik Turner, Jan Emeric, Jean‑Philippe Rykiel, Dane Kranenburg, Harry Williamson, more.

godly talk

Godly Talk

Gilli Smyth

20 page A5 format booklet of lyrics and poems, illustrated by Taliesin. Includes 'The Song of O', 'If We Were Gods and Goddesses', 'I Am Invisible', and 'Mysterious Stranger'. Some of the lyrics made their first public appearance on the y2k Gong tours. (booklet cover colours may vary)

Mind Book

The Mind Book

Gilli Smyth

52 page A5 booklet. Prose Poem on the Animus illustrated by Babs Kirk. Intriguing and thought-provoking, written in the '80's and first published in 1989. (booklet cover colours may vary)

Politico Historico Spirito

Politico Historico Spirito

Gilli Smyth

40 page A5 small booklet. Gilli's personal and factual, radically re-written and expanded Gong history book, originally released by Voiceprint in 1994. Includes Gilli's poem "We Who Were Raging in the Late 60's and Early 70's", and a Gong timeline overview. Gong have had a long and colourful story (starting with the 1968 revolution, when founders daevid allen and Gilli Smyth had to flee as 'revolutionaries'). This tracks the group through all its many stages and diversifications, nearly into the 90s. (booklet cover colours may vary)

vagaries of godly thought

Vagaries of Godly Thought

Gilli Smyth

40 page A5 booklet of lyrics and poems, illustrated by Taliesin. 23 perceptive, satirical pieces, with themes such as e-mails from God, meeting your clone and bizarre physics. The perfect sequel to 'Godly Talk'. (booklet cover colours may vary)

we who were raging

We Who Were Raging

Gilli Smyth

…in the late Sixties and early Seventies. 12 page A5 booklet. Last few copies of the GAS booklet containing Gilli's poetic examination of the counter-culture movement in open verse, written in 1987. Also included in the 'Politico Historico Spirito' booklet.

gong friends

Gong Friends

Luc Pilmeyer & Gilli Smyth

100 photos of Gong live in Europe from 2009. Hand-numbered limited edition of 1000. A4 format; 32 thick, glossy pages, saddle-stitched.
sample pages…
gong dreaming 2, page 109
steve hillage
gong dreaming 2
gong dreaming 2, page 96