planet gong bazaar

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various artists

Gong 25th Birthday Party Too ??

More live recordings. No progress with this project beyond the burning of some discs for the various artists involved.

sixty minutes with gong


Sixty Minutes With… ??

Release date not set. Compiled from Voiceprint Gong releases. A mystery at the moment as no-one knows what is on this release.


Live Etc. ??

2 or 3 disc box set stuck in a legal mire. 1977's Live Etc. re-mastered expanded re-issue. All the great live material of the original album re-mastered with at least one, maybe two CDs of added live Gong material from the same era. May include the very well recorded and played complete Gong live at Bremen German radio broadcast from 1974. With the full enhanced illustrated booklet job as well. Original CD version: Live Etc.


In Concert 1992 2??

Live double album. Layout/design stage. Pip Pyle, Didier Malherbe, Graham Clark, Shamayal Matria, Keith the Bass, and daevid allen. What a band, what a tour, what a gig, what an album (fingers crossed).

Here &Now

Off The Cuff v.1 ??

Volume 1 : Re-mastering in progress… live '79 recordings. 'Off The Cuff' was Here & Now's first live tape release sold only at gigs and by limited mail-order. Using the original tapes Steffe is bringing this classic of live festival space rock jamming, recorded during UK free tours throughout '79 into the digital age. The resulting sound quality is apparently astounding. To be further expanded with previously unreleased material from the same tours.

Here & Now

Off The Cuff v.2 ??

Volume 2 : Re-mastering in progress… live '79 festival space jamming. Recorded at the Fishbach Festival, Germany in May '79 and originally the second side of the legendary 'Off the Cuff' tape.

Invisible Opera Company of Tibet

Open for Is-ness ??

Recorded, needs final mixing. Completely stalled due to lack of funds. Sparkling Invisible or Indivisible Co-Opera Net album, featuring Tim Flatus, Jim Peters, and Brian Zero.

Lady June + Mark Hewins

Rebela ??

Studio recordings languishing on a shelf - no idea if this will ever see the light of day. A glorious Canterbury melange. Final mistress-work of the late and much missed Lady June, brought into musical being by Mark Hewins. Guests include daevid Allen, Gilli Smyth, Theo Travis, Keith tha Bass, Mike Howlett, John Greaves, the late Pip Pyle and Elton Dean, plus many more. A stunning range of music with a 'modern' mythological libretto.

Steffe and Friends

Bubble Up On Dub volume 2 ?

Pending re-mixing. Psychedelic dub. Most tracks have been recorded by Steffe and various members the B.U.O.D. collective. Previous release: Bubble Up On Dub, volume 1.


Retrospective ??

Re-mastered studio recordings, hovering in the twilight zone… Some of the best mid-70's synth sounds you (n)ever heard. There is a crying need for the definitive Zorch retrospective. There are a limited number of photographs of the band back then (do you have any?). So with a few pages of considered writing the definitive Zorch retrospective CD set almost compiles itself. Messrs Zepix and Brooks, off with those hyper-critical sunglasses, banish those fears and stand rightly unabashed in the spotlight of history.