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Once upon a time, in a Phillips laboratory far far away…
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cover art Mothergong
Wild Child CS
One of their finest albums. An Aladdin's Cave of tunes.

cover art Harry Williamson + Robert Calvert
Street Art CS
Proto-Mothergong. The genesis of a band.

cover art MicroCosmic
Sacred Geometry CS
Ambient psychedelic meditations. Ideal for mind expansion, relaxation, daydreaming.

cover art Silver on the Tree
Mystic Spiral CS
Pagan earth magic. Lightly instrumented, often gorgeously acapella…

cover art Silver on the Tree
Eye of the Aeon CS
Celtic folk, new and old. Stunning harmonies and beautifully simple acoustic arrangements.

cover art Harry Williamson + Liz van Dort
Far for the Madding Crowd CS
Early/different versions of classical/world music album. Beautiful, but so hard to categorise.

cover art Mahadeva
Cosmic Voyage CS

(Sorry, no longer available.)

Devotional, relaxing, gently ambient synths. If you like his Sacred Geometry album with daevid.

cover art System 7
Fire Album CS

(Sorry, no longer available.)

Dance crazy. First of a two album set. (see also the Water Album)

cover art System 7
Water Album CS

(Sorry, no longer available.)

Wet and wild. Second of a two album set. (see also the Fire Album)