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cover art InVerse Gravity Vehicle
Gematria ∼:0:∼ From Zero To Metacube CD
Deeply strange and rather wonderful 'Avant Ambient' release with revelatory daevid allen track.

design Invisible Opera Company of Tibet
Eyes t-shirt
100% cotton, maroon short sleeve shirt with goldy/yellow print - and the eyes follow you…. You may also purchase these via Paypal, directly from The Invisible Opera Company.

cover art Invisible Opera Company of Tibet
UFO Planante CD
Floydian, Gongish, psychedelic power trio.

cover art Rich Goodhart
Shaman Mirror Medicine Tree

(Sorry unavailable.)

Collaboration with daevid allen (Gong), Jon Anderson (Yes) and others. A progressive world-rhythm shamanic journey, with occasional soul-affirmative chants and spirit-cleansing healing sound meditations.

cover art Invisible System
Punt CD
Made in Ethiopia. 'Exotic mythology flung into outer space.' Traditional Ethiopian vocals and instruments meet Euro powerhouse dub, dance, rock, drum 'n' bass, psychedelia, electronica and live music - the modern, the electronic - with brass. Includes current or former members of Eat Static, Ozric Tentacles, Here & Now, Zion Train and many, many

cover art InVerse Gravity Vehicle
Magnetizer 2CD
Jwa (Joie) Hinton's and Deborah Knight's third album. Inspired by the invention of The Searl Effect Generator (S.E.G) and InVerse Gravity Vehicle (I.G.V).

cover art Heretix
Temple of the Moon Goddess CD
Brian Abbott and Jackie Juno's homage to 9 aspects of the Moon Goddess. A cohesive and focused album, with many powerful and sparkling sections, that flows along employing many strands of music to celebrate and honour our nearest heavenly body. A testament to what can be achieved with the right inspiration.

cover art Invisible Opera Company of Tibet
Go Totally Bananas: Live, Spring 1994 CD
One time GAS tape brought sonically up to date. Well recorded document of a bizarre tour. Full of powerful Invisible originals and circular, invocational spacey power pop versions of traditional wizzy-a-gig songs with daevid and Russell Hibbs guesting.

cover art Gong
Gong at Montserrat 1973 DVD

(Sorry, all gone.)

The Holy grail of early Gong footage. Essential viewing for all Gongsters. 25 minutes of professionally shot film of the band at play and playing in '73 in the strangest of places, on the high altar of a monastery in front of a Black Madonna. Also 5 brand new daevid short films and also a little unseen Soft Machine footage from '67.

cover art Gong
In The 70s CD

(Sorry, all gone.)

Stock cupboard copies unearthed! Prime previously unreleased studio and live tracks from '72-73. The real deal, satisfaction guaranteed.

cover art Steve Higgins
Invisible Music CD

(Sorry, currently unavailable.)

A lyrical guitar feast. Great collection of music from the Thandoy, Karmakanix, and House of Thandoy guitarist.

cover art Brian Abbott
Tara CD
Ambient soundscapes and sonic prayers to full tilt psychedelic rock workouts. Brian 'Zero' Abbott's first solo outing based on the Tibetan female deity Tara. Contemporary western instruments merged with Mongolian and Tibetan Instrumentation. Features members of Global/Riven, Invisible Opera Co and daevid allen.

cover art microcosmic & daevid allen
Sacred Geometry CD

(Sorry sold out.)

Deep ambient gliss guitar/synth. Only available from GAS.

cover art Here & Now
UFOasis CD
Only available here.