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updated Friday 6th August 2021

artwork The Anarchetypes
Just CD
Tim Hawthorn ensemble

artwork Cary Grace
Lady of Turquoise 2CD
Ancient Egyptian edition - 2 CDs in slipcovers in a gatefold sleeve + 2 trifold lyrics card inserts - deluxe and de-Luxor.

artwork Cary Grace
Uffculme Variations CD
Probably the very best 'family' release of the past couple of years, featuring Steffe and Graham Clark (palying together for the first time). Stunning stuff.

artwork Cary Grace
Covers CD
Fabulous selection of covers (Cream, Floyd, Bowie, Amon Düül, Dylan, Stones) done in really good, classy Cary style

artwork Sentient
Live at the Real Music Club, Brighton CD
Last few copies acquired - Fantastic live improvised psychedelia and beyond from Steffe, Steve and Subs.

artwork Blue Midnight
White Moon CD
Third bundle of quirky joy.

artwork Kevin Kendle
with Brian Abbott, Nigel Shaw, and Tom Brooks
Deep Skies 4: Light From Andromeda CD
Some of the most innovative, chilled out space sounds you could come across.

artwork Kevin Kendle + Brian Abbott + Nigel Shaw
Deep Skies 3: Light From The Pleiades CD
Synth rich gliss guitar homage to deepest space. A Tangerine Blakian Hillage tinged journey beyond.

artwork Kevin Kendle
Deep Skies 2 CD
Lagoon of Eternity
Kevin Kendle gathers up fellow inner/outer space travellers Brian Abbott and Nigel Shaw as the Deep Skies ensemble once more for a second blissful journey to the far reaches of the cosmos.

artwork Various Artists
Drones 4 Daevid 2CD
Eclectic, live, heartfelt double CD collection from daevid benefit gig.

artwork Clark-Thorne-Fell
Isthmus CD
Fantastic Improvised melodic Jazz CD by Gong, Gongmaison, and Magick Brother violinist Graham Clark. Spontaneous jazz improvisation of the highest order.

artwork Harry Williamson
Far From The Madding Crowd CD
Resurgence RES133CD || $ | | ¥ +p&p
Lusious Harry Williamson/Liz Van Dort CD.

artwork Harry Williamson
Gypsy Suite CD
Blueprint BP189CD || $ | | ¥ +p&p
Harry Williamson and Anthony Phillips' beautiful semi-classical Guitar Pieces

artwork Clearlight
Visions CD
Cyrille Verdeaux expands on the modal jazz and classical themes of his earlier work, incorporating Northern Indian Ragas.

artwork Clearlight
Clearlight Symphony LP
Re-issue album with Steve Hillage, Tim Blake, and Didier Malherbe lending support to Cyrille Verdeaux.

artwork Lady June
Hit and Myth CD
Canterbury scene cult artist and poet. 2nd release compiled with a host of 'Canterbury' musicians. A humourous, surreal CD full of rye observations on life's foibles and paradigm slippage.

artwork House of Thandoy
House of Thandoy CD
Spacey psychedelic grooves. Mike Howlett, guitarist Steve Higgins and drummer Eddy Sayer lay down some very Gong-like space funk with Theo Travis guesting. Only available here.

artwork InVerse Gravity Vehicle
Cygnus & The White Sow CD
New Deborah/Jwa excursion to 'other' musical dimensions.

artwork InVerse Gravity Vehicle
Gematria ∼:0:∼ From Zero To Metacube CD
Deeply strange and rather wonderful 'Avant Ambient' release with revelatory daevid allen track.

artwork InVerse Gravity Vehicle
Magnetizer 2CD
Jwa (Joie) Hinton's and Deborah Knight's third album. Inspired by the invention of The Searl Effect Generator (S.E.G) and InVerse Gravity Vehicle (I.G.V).

artwork Heretix
Temple of the Moon Goddess CD
Brian Abbott and Jackie Juno's homage to 9 aspects of the Moon Goddess. A cohesive and focused album, with many powerful and sparkling sections, that flows along employing many strands of music to celebrate and honour our nearest heavenly body. A testament to what can be achieved with the right inspiration.

artwork Invisible System
Punt CD
Made in Ethiopia. 'Exotic mythology flung into outer space.' Traditional Ethiopian vocals and instruments meet Euro powerhouse dub, dance, rock, drum 'n' bass, psychedelia, electronica and live music - the modern, the electronic - with brass. Includes current or former members of Eat Static, Ozric Tentacles, Here & Now, Zion Train and many, many

artwork Sacred Geometry Banned
Re-Connection CD
Microcosmic's latest, touched with a brush of daevid allen, Nik Turner, Gilli Smyth, Huw Lloyd Langton and other friends

artwork Silver on the Tree
Morning Glory CD
Beautiful Pagan acapella CD produced with daevid allen.

artwork Slack Baba
…and the beat goes OM… CD
Liquid Records LRCD001SB || 2006 || $ | | ¥ +p&p
Cool, bubbling psy-vibes from special Gong Unconvention 2006 guest.

artwork Brian Abbott
Tara CD
Ambient soundscapes and sonic prayers to full tilt psychedelic rock workouts. Brian 'Zero' Abbott's first solo outing based on the Tibetan female deity Tara. Contemporary western instruments merged with Mongolian and Tibetan Instrumentation. Features members of Global/Riven, Invisible Opera Co and daevid allen.

artwork Shankara Andy Bole
Rainbow Crow CD digipak
7 spontaneous compositions - bouzouki, eBow, looper

artwork Andy Bole
Ramshackle Pier CD jewel case
1984 Folk Roots Magazine 'Album of the Year'

artwork Andy Bole + Higashi Hiroshi
Epicycles CD
Deep space meeting - Andy meets Acid Mothers Temple.

artwork Andy Bole
The Glorious Event CD
Elegant, spacey, guitar-rich release.