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artwork Silver on the Tree
Eye of the Aeon
Silver Branch SB23001 || 1990 || £5.10 USD  EUR  JPY  + p+p +tax

Stunning harmonies and beautifully simple accoustic arrangements make this collection of new/old celtic folk and goddess acknowledging songs something very special indeed. If you have tried their daevid produced Morning Glory CD I'm sure you will need no second invitation to sample this, their first album. Only ever on tape.

Side 1:
  1. The Mabon
  2. Cernunnos
  3. Ancient Ones
  4. Dreamtime
Side 2:
  1. The Falcon
  2. The Glen
  3. Samhain
  4. Patapan
  5. Ailshé Bán
  6. Dance of the Moon Queen
  • Tim Hall: {Bouzouki, Vocals, Percussion}
  • Claire Jones: {Vocals, Percussion}
  • Oshia Drury: {Vocals}
  • Lydia Lite: {Drums, Percussion, Bodhran, Bells}
  • Dreow Benne: {Vocals, Percussion, Bells}
  • Sheena Johnson: {Vocals, Recorder, Percussion}
  • Shiona Phillips: {Vocals, Percussion, Bells}