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Camembert Electrique LP
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Gong 1971 classic returns on vinyl.

An audiophile repressing, on heavy 180 gram virgin vinyl, of one of Gong's most famous albums first released in 1971 on BYG Records. Rightly in just about everyone's top ten psychedelic albums of all time - a strange and wonderful masterpiece of wierdness. This issue is in the original Virgin single-sleeve artwork by daevid.

Note: Unfortunately, the only way the musicians will benefit in any way from sales of this release is if you buy it here - otherwise they can expect no royalties on sales or publishing.

Side 1:
  1. Radio Gnome Prediction [0'25] (daevid allen)
  2. You Can't Kill Me [6'18] (daevid allen)
  3. I've Bin Stone Before [4'55] (daevid allen)
  4. Mister Long Shanks/O Mother/I Am Your Fantasy [3'35] (Allen/Smyth - Tritsch)
  5. Dynamite/I Am Your Animal [4'30] (Smyth/Tritsch)
  6. Wet Cheese Delerium [0'28] (daevid allen)
Side 2:
  1. Squeezing Sponges Over Policemen's Heads [0'10] (daevid allen)
  2. Fohat Digs Holes In Space [6'18] (Allen/Smyth)
  3. Tried So Hard [4'35] (Tritsch/Allen)
  4. Tropical Fish/Selene [7'32] (daevid allen)
  5. Gnome The Second [0'26] (daevid allen)
  • Bert Camembert (daevid allen) {Guitars, Vocals}
  • Bloomdido Bad De Grass (Didier Malherbe) {Tenor Sax, Flute}
  • Pip Pyle {Drums}
  • Shakti Yoni (Gilli Smyth) {Vocals, Space Whisper}
  • Submarine Captain (Christian Tritsch) {Bass, Lead Guitar on 'Tried so Hard'}
  • Venux Du Luxe (Francis Lindon) {Switch Doctor and Mix Master}