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Fools Meeting LP
Tapestry TPT 223 || 04.2013 || £18.00 USD  EUR  JPY  + p+p +tax

Sorry, all gone.

Limited edition re-issue in original gatefold sleeve.

Delivery's only album, 'Fools Meeting', is one of those semi-mythical 'Canterbury seeding' releases, everyone involved went on to play their part in the ouvre. It was recorded in 1969, and released in 1970 just as the the band was folding. It was Gong drummer, the late Pip Pyle's first appearance on vinyl, Steve Miller went on to join Caravan, Phil Miller joined Robert Wyatt in Matching Mole, Roy Babbington joined Soft Machine and Lol was Lol in Kevin Ayers' Whole World.

Despite knowing of it's existence forever, this limited edition re-issue is the first time I've actually heard this album. On side one Carol Grimes rather put me in mind of Grace Slick, and therefore, by extension Delivery began to sound a bit like Jeffereson Airplane-ish, albeit an English blues-proggy version with jazzy tints. Side two conjours up some Sandy Denny/Janis Joplin comparissons, and in fact the label attempted to 'sell' Carol as a British Janis, but then Lol and the band step up to take the whole thing a long way from San Francisco with 'The Wrong Time'.

It is a really most enjoyable spin, and it's always interesting trace the vinyl roots of Gong band members…but…it does make me wish Pip was still with us, then I'd ring him up and get a couple of juicy Pyle-type stories about Delivery and those times. Amongst the musicians themselves there can hardly be a more missed chap than Pip.

Side One:
  1. Blind To Your Light [5'05] (P. Miller, Carol Grimes)
  2. Miserable Man [8'28] (Delivery, Carol Grimes)
  3. Home Made Ruin [3'23] (P. Miller)
  4. Is It Really The Same [5'44] (K. Jarrett)
Side Two:
  1. We Were Satisfied [4'02] (P. Miller)
  2. The Wrong Time [7'50] (Delivery, Carol Grimes)
  3. Fighting It Out [5'48] (P. Miller)
  4. Fools Meeting [5'27] (Delivery, Carol Grimes)
  • Steve Miller{Piano, vocals}
  • Phil Miller {Guitar}
  • Roy Babbington {Bass guitar, String bass}
  • Pip Pyle {Drums}
  • Carol Grimes {Vocals, percussion}
  • 'Featuring special guest star'Lol Coxhill {Saxophones}
  • Roddy Skeeping {Violin on Miserable Man}