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artwork Here & Now
Dog in Hell (EP)
Charly CEP 122 || £5.11 USD  EUR  JPY  + p+p +tax

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Original, unplayed 7 inch EP.

One of Here & Now's finest hours. Space-punk with attitude, the fastest version of 'Floating Anarchy' you've ever heard and the powerful, humourous, long time favourite, 'Addicted'. Thick, old time original vinyl EP in a thick card sleeve. Only a very few copies left, straight from the Here & Now vaults (suitcase).

Side 1:
  1. A Dog in Hell
Side 2:
  1. Floating Anarchy Radio
  2. Addicted
  • Kif Kif Le batter {Drums, Vocals, Acoustic Twangs}
  • Keith da Missile Bass Bailey {Missile Bass, Voice, Screams, Groans}
  • Steffe 'Professor Sharpstrings' Lewry {High Strung Razor Guitar, Vocals}
  • Gavin da blitz {SynthÈtrix}
  • Sooze da Blooze and Anno Wombat{Angelic Voices, Hecate's Scream}