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Garcon ou Fille
Finders Keepers FKSP001 || 2010 £5.00 USD  EUR  JPY  + p+p +tax

(Sorry, all gone.)

Ltd. ed. re-issue of Gong's first single in it's original sleeve.

Sounds as off the wall off as it ever did - prime early Gong

As original 1970 BYG copies are rare as hen's teeth and as expensive as expensive stuff this immaculate Finders Keepers limited edition re-issue of Gong's first single certainly fills a gap. They even handed daevid a copy when they saw him out and about in London. Sold out nearly everywhere - I have half a dozen copies left.

A Side:
  1. Est-ce Que Je Suis? [3'32] (daevid allen)
B Side:
  1. Hip Hypnotise You [3'23] (daevid allen)
  • Daniel Laloux {Cor a Muse, Deux Tuyaux, Tambour d'Arc, Une Botte a Arche, Une Sex a Piles de 50 Watts. Rhymes et Vocals}
  • Christian Tritsch {Bass Electrique Perpendicular}
  • Didier Bad De Grass {Soprano Sasc & Brain Sissors}
  • Rachid Houari {Drums Sky Ladder Arrow}
  • How Wow Now {Violon Electrique & No}
  • Gilli S'myth {Space Whisper Ball Divination/Loin Cackle & Gnome}
  • Divided Alein {Guitar Number 13 & Local Vocal}