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Jet Propelled Photograph LP
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Audiophile reissue of Soft's '67 demos.

Recorded in 1967 as demos, these tracks are the only studio record of daevid's time with the band he founded. Great pyschedelic pop that hints of the stranger Soft Machine outings to come. As with all Get Back releases, this is a high quality 180 gram pressing with a gatefold sleeve.

Note: Unfortunately the musicians can expect no royalties from the label on sales or publishing from this release. The only way they benefit is if you buy it here.

Side 1:
  1. That's How Much I Need You Now
  2. Save Yourself
  3. I Should've Know
  4. Jet Propelled Photograph (aka Shooting at the Moon)
Side 2:
  1. When I Don't Want You
  2. Memories
  3. You Don't Remember
  4. She's Gone
  5. I Rather Be With You
  • Robert Wyatt{Vocals, Drums}
  • daevid allen{Lead Guitar}
  • Mike Ratledge{Piano, Organ}
  • Kevin Ayers{Bass, Vocals}