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artwork daevid allen/Mother Gong
The Owl and The Tree LP
Demi Monde DMLP 1019 || £7.23 USD  EUR  JPY  + p+p +tax

(Sorry, no longer available.)

One side daevid and Mother Gong, one side pure Mother Gong.

Recorded in 1989 in Wales.

Owly Side:
  1. The Owly Song [6'39] 1'07 / 1MB
  2. I Am My Own Lover [14'23]
Tree Side:
  1. Lament For the Future of the Forest [3'41]
  2. Hands[3'22]
  3. Unsee Ally[4'02]
  4. La Dei Madri[7'02]
  • daevid allen{Vocal, Glissando and Acoustic Guitars}
  • Gilli Smyth{Speaking Voice and Spacewhisper and Stillness}
  • Harry Williamson{Everything imaginable plus synthi's, keyboards, vocals, craziness}
  • Rob Calvert{Breathing into Microphones and Saxophones and Ears}
  • Rob George{Thinking Time with spaces, silences, Drumbatter and Percussions}
  • Fretless Fred (Conrad Henderson){Bass Guitar, No fretting, No Worries, No wacking furries}
  • Tim Ayers{Bass Guitar Quicksilver}
  • Wandana Arrowheart{Hugs sparks and Owl's Harmonium}
  • Georgia{Torchy Freesong and Soulsinging}

Note: Unfortunately the musicians can expect no royalties from the label on sales or publishing from this release. The only way they benefit is if you buy it here.