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artwork Spirits Burning
Alien Injection 2 LP
Black Widow BWR 103|| 2010 || £15.99 USD  EUR  JPY  + p+p +tax

Sorry, all gone.

A virtual prog/space-rock summit with daevid allen, Graham Clark, Michael Clare and many others

Don Falcone's Spirits Burning, on heavy double vinyl. Don's master plan throws up intriguing combinations of musical spirit, ones which it would be impossible organise in the physical world. You could simply never gather all the folk (almost 40 of them on this release!) into one place at one time.

Like it says on the 'tin'…"Space rock remedies… prepared by Don Falcone, with daevid allen (Gong), Michael Moorcock, Pete Pavli (High Tide), Adrian Shaw (Bevis Frond), Larry Thrasher (Psychic TV), and Bridget Wishart (Hawkwind), plus members of Dark Sun, Melting Euphoria, Mushroom, Quarkspace, Secret Saucer, ST 37, University of Errors, Weird Biscuit Teatime, and more…

Single sleeve cover with illustrated colour inner sleeves full of lyrics and info.

Also available on cd: Alien Injection

Side A:
  1. Alien Injection [5'27] (Music-Santtu/Zappa. Words-Falcone)
  2. New Religion [5'28] (Music-Falcone/T. Williams. Words-T.Williams)
  3. Alpha Harmony [7'14] (Music-Cameron/Crutcher/Falcone/Merrill. Words-Thom the Poet)
Side B:
  1. Every Gun Plays Its Own Tune [3'12] (Music-Moorcock/Pavli. Words-Moorcock)
  2. Logger's Revenge (Brian Tawn Speaks!) [9'02] (Music-Allen/Erickson/Falcone/Palao. Words-Tawn)
  3. Augustus [6'22] (Music-Figoli/Taylor)
Side C:
  1. Future Memories [6'29] (Music and Music-Falcone)
  2. The Entropy Tango [3'22] (Music-Moorcock/Pavli. Words- Moorcock)
  3. Another World [4'14] (Music-Clare/Falcone/Palmer. Words-Wishart)
  4. The Hawk [4'36] (Music-Falcone/Jeter. Words-Falcone)
Side D:
  1. Imported Serpents [3'48] (Music-Clare/Dambly/Falcone)
  2. Ingleborough [2'35] (Music-Moorcock/Pavli. Words-Moorcock)
  3. Upturned Dolphin [4'29] (Music-Allen/Clark/Falcone. Words-Neville-Neil)
  4. Salome [2'03] (Music-Anderson/Erickson. Words-Wishart)
  5. Montfallcon [4'12] (Music-Moorcock/Pavli. Words-Moorcock)
  6. Heaven (Is One Quality Tree For The Road) [3'16] (Music-Wall)
A small selection of the personnel:
  • daevid allen {Guitars: A2 Glissando, Lead and Rhythm Guitars: B2 Voice: D3}
  • Michael Clare {8 String Bass Guitar: C3 Bass Guitar D1}
  • Michael Moorcock {Vocals: B1, C2, C3, D2, D5 Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin: D3}
  • Graham Clark {Violin: C4, D3}
  • Thom The World Poet {Vocals: A3}
  • Don Falcone {Synths, Mellotron, Percussion, Bass, Piano, Organ and all sorts of other stuff…}
  • Some other friends involved - Jay Radford, Pat Thomas, Bridget Wishart