planet gong bazaar

artwork Tim Blake
Crystal Machine LP

Tim's 1977 solo debut album officially remastered and expanded

3 bonus tracks previously unreleased on CD

After parting company with Gong Tim enhanced his innovative Crystal Machine project along side laser/lighting maestro Patrice Warrener. This largely live album was was the first release to spring from the collaboration.

The bonus tracks were originally released in Europe in the '70s on now rare 7" vinyl singles, none have been issued on CD before. 'Surf', credited to the Saratoga Space Messengers, was issued on the Isadora label in France, and 'Synthese Intemporel I and II' are the A and B sides of a Spanish release on Egg Records.

Housed in a standard jewel-case with an informative 16 page illustrated booklet.

Tracks: Composed by Tim Blake [48'00]
  1. Midnight [6.25]
  2. Metro/Logic [6.29]
  3. Last Ride of the Boogie Child [7.53]
  4. Crystal Presence [2.11]
  5. Surf [3.41] bonus track
  6. Synthese Intemporel [15.35]
  7. Synthese Intemporel I [3.21] bonus track
  8. Synthese Intemporel II [2.20] bonus track
  • Tim Blake: {2 EMS Synthi As, Mini Moog, EMS Frequency Shifter, MXR Flanger, Sony TC 850 Tape Deck Echo, Sony Mix 12, Elka Rhapsody}
Production credits:
  • Recorded by Tim Blake on TEAC and Sony recorders, except 'Synthese Intemporel' by Jacques Darnys on Nagra IV
  • Produced by Tim Blake