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Herstery of the Mystory Characters

in Disorder of Inconvenience
Mista T Being
A pig farming egyptologist and possibly the first air breathing human to tune into Radio Gnome, this bushy being was the famed inventor of the walkie‑talkie for porkers and distinguished himself as the bravest of the mummy runners to the British Museum. He subsequently invented the 'white lens' or clairvoyant telescope with which one can see the Planet Gong and then the shades of white through which one can observe people's feelings and thoughts. He's a large Celtic geyser with bearded elbows. ( aka Mike Howlett)
Fred the Fish
An antique teapot street vendor and tea label collector who unsuspectingly sold T Being the magick ear ring that put him in contact with the voice of Radio Gnome. Now Fred the Fish has a chip on his shoulder cos he couldn't hear nuffin of this Radio Gnome thing. Anyway he accompanies T Being 'pon his technicolour tandem to Tibet. A lean streak of cheeky flesh, this Fred.
Banana Ananda
The great beer yogi whose noble cry "have a lager" greets his disciples as they enter his primitive cave high up in the Hymnalayas of Tibet. His motto is "Banana Nirvana Mañana", a phrase worthy of many days deep contemplation on the polygonal meanings inherent in its profundity. His teaching is that of meditations on the strongest spirits available. An upright Hindoo sage of great magnetism, especially for the ladies.
Herbert Herbert, Esq.
Multimillionaire philanthropist American with a penthouse in Paris and an interest in bands.
Zero the Hero
Our real hero in this epic Gongography. A floating dropout with a strange dilection for making heroes out of people and a fancy for wearing prophetic robes of sackcloth, he originally split from his background of automatic day to day existance after a vision in the Charing X Road and went wandering off to look for heroes. Little does he suspect as he hero worships the cockpot pixie that he, Zero, is the hero he is looking for. [Ed. Zero « the hero » …is the 'identity' of Gong as a group. In other words, the presence of Zero changes nothing (except the pressure on the rider in the dressing room?). Every group requires such an identity (by definition), and for the Gong group that is Zero.]
Good Witch Yoni
Whenever Shakti Yoni ( aka Gilli Smyth) of the band is not around, the Good Witch Yoni declaims all connection of course. She is seen to fly across the sky on a vacuum cleaner of unknown make and is renowned for her mysterious balms and potions. It is said she serves the Goddess of the Moon, Selene, the Goddess of Love.
A luscious bird and cock-teasing women's lib kitten. [Editor's note] daevid wrote this in the early 70s and is now even less politically correct than he ever was.
Captain Capricorn
Respected captain of the good ship earthling, ole Captain Capricorn don't believe in anything but facts he can prove scientifically. All this jazz about little green men and flyin' teapots is just so much balderdash to him. He is animated by a profound distaste for religion of any kind - due to an early childhood Christian brainwash - and is perpetually setting off in the good ship with a load of stoned cronies in his well stocked saloon to try to prove that God don't exist. The trouble is he always hallucinates that the devil is chasing him and has to turn back to Earth. He is always very helpful if you have a problem and knows the train timetables off by heart. ( aka Christopher Longcock, Mimi Mimolet, the Alien Australian, daevid allen, etc)
The archetypal symbol of the scarlet sisterhood. As fresh as a spring morne yet as old as experience this high priestess to the Earth Mother calming war in the skies with the warmth of her thighs. High priestess to the fun gods.
Selene the Moon Goddess
Mother of everything, sister of ISIS of the seven veils that separate us from the seventh heaven, (the universe of perpetual orgasm called Banana Nirvana by Gong peoples), Divine Mother, Sister and Lover to all who seek oneness with the LOVEWISDOM of the PLANET GONG.
Additional Facts
There are 32 PHPs to every octave doctor and 32 octave doctors make one master of the spheres. There are 1024 PHPs on the planet plus eight other immortal characters namely:
King of the PHP's
who is always the most high
The Good Witch Yoni
his ladyqueen who is always everywhere
Prince Dreaming
the almost high
Princess Leaves
the female plant
Wizard of the Keys
one of the eight immortals of the planet gong. he has the key to the gong cosmognie and correspondance charts, the key to your heart, and above all the key to the secret vaults wherein is stashed the highly hush hush or ha! ha!ha!sshhh! cakes from the moon which he distributes daily to each of the 1024 PHP's which means that a day on the planet gong is 1024 pipes long, and is measured by lunggong pipeclocks all over the planet.
Lung Hi
The Chinese washerman who gets about in a basket beneath his amazing flying hymenbird and is only ever heard to mutter "lung time no fee". Lung Hi is special assistant to…
Distant relation to superman and others and guardian/protector to the potheads of all worlds, his secret identity is…
Cock Pot Pyxe
Chief pilot of flying teapots and the first pot head pixie to appear on earth, he is number 1 pixie in the PHP gnome service.
Bloomdido Bad de Grasse
aka Didier Malherbe
Venux de Luxe
aka the Switch Doctor
High Tea Moonweed
aka Tim Blake
Submarine Captain
originally Christian Tritsch, later Steve Hillage
Pierre de Strasbourg
aka Pierre Moerlen
Bambaloni Yoni
aka Miquette Giraudy

Ultra-Cosmic GONG Glossary Ole Cock

Not to be glossed over unless total incomprehension is preferable? Here we go…
Planet Gong
A transparent greenish planet unknown to astronomers and situated in the seventh sky (7ieme ciel) or seventh heaven, it operates according to the laws of the music of the spheres.
Radio Gnome Invisible
A telepathic pirate radio network operating brain to brain by crystal machine transmitter direct from Planet Gong.
Pot Head Pixies
These small green gents who populate the Planet Gong have pointed heads with propellors which serve as receivers for RGI. Noted for their joyful capers, they can become inisible at will and when nearby, one's potpouch is never empty. On their motherplanet, they govern themselves by a sysyem called Floating Anarchy.
Flying Teapots
Distantly related to flying saucers, they are the chief means of transport for the pointed and well propellored population of the green planet. They ride through the spaces on invisible big dipper dragon lines called the Oily Way and transport by this this means is termed GLIDDING.
Octave Doctors
Gong gurus and benevolent all wise and loving advisors of the PHPs and protectors of the planet. They appear as a giant radiant eye which hovers inside an upturned cone which is set inside a luminous egg shaped aura called the…
Angels Egg
This is the Octave Doctors' impenetrable protective force field from which the unisexual Pot Head Pixies are born and back into which they are recycled at the end of their time. They are only found in…
Invisible Temples of Planet Gong
…which are invisible because they don't need totems and statues and symbols to worship when they've got real live Octave Doctors in residence. The temples are divided into the outer temple where the high tea ceremony prepares the head for entering the inner temple where the all high contact with the octave doctor is all they need to keep on truckin.
The Switch Doctor
…is the resident Octave Doctor on the planet Earth, and resides at Planet Gong potheadquarters known under the code name of…
The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet
Situated near to the cave of the great beer yogi Banana Ananda, in the Hymnalayas, the Switch Doctor is in constant Radio Gnome connection with the band Gong via the…
Bananamoon Observatory
Situated in natural high energy locations in different countries at different times according to the instructions of the Switch Doctor, who also works through the mind of Venux de Luxe, the Gong band's sound mix master and meta roadie.