planet gong cosmologistix

200 Cosmo Logistix of Universe Zero

Origins of a Planet called Gong

A long and ago it was when the great God Cell decided to be divided & so it was that in voice of terrible beauty too sweet for our meat Great God Cell sang seven great sounds. Seven great sounds sang Great God Cell and as each great Sound sang out yet another Heaven was born until there were seven seriously supersonic Heavens.

Thenceforth, within each of the Seven Heavens of serious sound a further dividing took place. Each Heaven spontaneously discovered itself to be composed of SEVEN OCTAVES each containing seven luminous tones. Immediately then began a process of unfoldment. From the gigantic central eye of Great God Cell flew a brilliant and fiery star which, as it fell through space, looked back from whence it came and for the first time saw itself.

At the very instant that it saw itself, it became it's own mirror image and thus was created GREAT GOD SELF. "Ja Am I Am! cried Great God Self "Thou Art In Thought Indeed" replied the Great God Cell and disappeared. Great God Self, being all alone, had his first thought and did the right thing. He observed and wrote down the first natural law of the Seven Heavens ONE: WHEN I AM COMES IN, THOU ART GOES OUT. But although Thou Art seemed outa there, in fact t'was merely invisible.

Thou art there, Thou Art, art thou not? Well anyway, then Great God Self fell into the Seven Heavens like a large wet tear drop, and splattered into two thousand four hundred and one silly selves or s'elves. (7x7=49. 49x7=343. 343x7=2401. ah yes mothermatics) These beings were then distributed equally amongst the seven heavens and their octaves were they quickly adapted and populated, using the ladder of octaves as their evolutionary field yep

this is the end of yor first serve god nude to thighs elf ding