planet gong cosmologistix


who we are

Here we will begin exploring the cymbalism and heArtwork of the Planet Gong, especially the mandala…. Watt is it? Witch is it? How is it? And so om.

The planet was, I realise, one of the spots before my eyes…

2024 is Gong's 54th year of giggling and performing in it's many forms and dis-guises.

Often referred to as a 'cult' band - a band which too few people love too much - in the words of that great French pataphysician and all round musicbox, Bloomdido Bad De Grasse (to whom we defer on all things), Zeee Gong eeeet egg-zisst all waysssss!

So much more than just the most eccentric originating psychedelic band of the late sixties and early seventies, the scions, satellites, offshoots, and iterations of Gong cover a range of styles, tastes, inclinations and altitudes, but always at the heart lies the original seed vision of the luminous green planet Gong.