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daevid allen
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daevid allen
Turning the Tables
WART 95.5 FM 2020-05-09 [60']
Drew Dobbs' weekly show - a seamless and powerful tribute

daevid allen
interstellar nihilism

Radio Valencia Ure Thrall 2012-05-28 [120']

daevid allen
connected breathing 2 pages
scan of handwritten original given out at rebirthing workshops
daevid allen vocals
fiend, master freak 1993 4'21"

daevid allen & thom the poet
live in San Francisco
Auricular Records 1991-08-01 [36'24"]
an afternoon of poems, lyrics, and political commentary [drop-out/splice at 7'08"] : Auricular

artwork daevid allen
7 drones
glissed out…

daevid allen & friends
studio follies 3'28"
'Daevid performed this poem many times ever since the Soft Machine UFO days. No date & venue.' [citation] + 'An Alien interpretation of the Lord's Prayer' [citation] - 2 cassette releases: Ottersongs OT18 (1982) + GAS 010 (1992)

artwork daevid allen
1977 [10'07"]
Clive Williamson interviews daevid about the mythology of Planet Gong and recording his solo album "Now is the Happiest Time of Your Life" at his studio in Deya - sponsored by Symbiosis Music

artwork daevid allen
Mistake Club, Cleveland 1980-07-08 [53'48"]
Divided Alien Clockwork Band tour - includes bits of radio interviews, studio recordings, live concerts. Gong History 101 performance/lecture + audio 'illustrations' in which daevid touches upon : What Gong Was (and wasn't) All About; The Switch Doctor; The Power Vision; The Soft Machine; Radio Gnome; Gong Cosmologistix; The Trilogy; Floating Anarchy; The Invisible Church of YOU; Zero the Hero; T Being; Fred the Fish; Banana Ananda; The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet; flying teapots; octave doctors; dope.

WKSU Cleveland
daevid allen

radio interview [32'19]
1980 radio Q and A session recorded by Jeff Wootton. Recorded in a discarded bean tin beside a busy airport runway, on a hot summer day in a city famed for having its river repeatedly catch fire, daevid goes on about gamelan, history, drugs, ritual, comparative religion, mysticism, cult super-stardom, Charlie Records, what he is and isn't doing, with and to whom, where and why.