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Camembert Eclectique
A selection of aged musical cheeses.

daevid Scissorhands…

Fabulous fallout from the 1970 Camembert Electrique sessions. MP3 includes a JPEG image of the front cover (as above).
FLAC includes front, back, tray, and disc PDF images with crop marks, ready for printing (see below).
front and back cover artwork disc and tray artwork

Tracks: [60'48]
  1. Cafe Montelieu Demos [15'29]
  2. Garcon ou Fille (alternative version) [3'38]
  3. Dynamite-Goldilocks [5'41]
  4. Rock & Roll Angel + Nightmare of Mr. Respectable [5'39]
  5. Garcon ou Fille (submix) [3'36]
  6. Hyp Hypnotise You (submix) [3'40]
  7. Haunted Chateau Rehearsals [13'20]
  8. Big City Energy [3'54]
  9. Gongwash Indelible [5'51]
  • daevid allen {glissando guitar, tape constructs and composition}