planet gong gigs

1966 gigs
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05/04/1966 Tuesday
Full Moon

10/04/1966 Sunday
Gong Power Vision
Deya de Mallorca
Octave Doctors reveal entire Gong myth
(past and future) to daevid allen
in one transmission

Moon opposite Jupiter
Moon trine Mars and Sun
(Mars and Sun in conjunction)
Moon square Mercury and Saturn
(Mercury and Saturn in conjunction)
Venus mostly hanging out on her own

Spring 1966
Residu: 2
Trigram Press
148 King's Cross Road
London WC1, England
Daniel Richter, editor

Contributions by William Burroughs, Alexander Trocchi, Gregory Corso, Anslem Hollo, Ruth Krauss; drawings by Jean-Jacques Lebel; poem and collage by Om (Eric) de Haulleville; manifesto by Sheldon Cholst; The Mongol Review (John Esam, editor; text and an illustustration by daevid allen, 2 poems by Gilli Smyth, plus other authors). 'The Remarkable Story of the Pot Head Pixies O Yes' (first public appearance). Residu 2