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Gong : Birmingham

six years into their existence, this 'new' Gong are fast outgrowing club/pub venues such as these - Darius Drewe, Midland Mania

Gong : Bristol

Robin Askew, B24/7 alternate universe Gong… descended from the same mothership
Jez Rowden, The Progressive Aspect If this wasn't the perfect gig then it was so tantalisingly close that it makes no difference.

Gong : Hebden Bridge

Facelift : 'Reports had been consistently coming in of this tour showcasing the best performances of the current band…'

Gong : Wigan

an orgy of light, and the sound of eternity - or your money back! - Velvet Thunder - Steve Pilkington

Gong : Manchester

Hello playmates! This is something innit!? - At The Barrier - Mike Ainscoe

Teeth of the Sea & The Utopia Strong : London

Down at the Front

Brainville : Berlin

daevid allen


daevid allen


Stephanie Petrik

Gong Family Unconvention : Amsterdam

Notes for Absent Friends, part 2 - Jeremy Dunn

Death Ritual

daevid allen

you'N'gong : Australia

Kohinoor Hall - Max Wilcox

Gong Cambridge

Sir Eel

Gong : London/Hackney

Tim Burness

Gong San Francisco

Dan Sullivan

Gong : London

Fin Costello

Gong : London

Michael Heatley

Gong : Manchester

Little Plum & The Bushmaster