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Acid Dragon - 'Frog Prog' zine & radio
Since 1988 - the only European prog 'zine written in English, the "French voice of prog abroad", the "Frog Prog 'zine", radio show "Prog à Part" on Lyon's student and rock radio SOL FM 100.7
Analogue Systems
Vintage modular synthesizers - home of the RS Integrator
A very sleek 'art and progressive' rock site, including reviews of Gong's 2032 and Live in Brazil discs, and the Subteranea DVD.
The Global Source For SpaceRock Exploration
Café Flying Teapot
Café, Event Space, and Exhibit Gallery Tokyo/Nerima City/Sakaecho
The definitive Canterbury Music site, by Aymeric Leroy
Coloursound Experiment
London based stage/event lighting, projections, rigging services and equipment hire - supporting numerous Gong tours in the UK and Europe
DPRP - Dutch Progressive Rock Page
Neat, easy to use, informed site
Funktion One
The World's Best Sound Systems - suppliers of P.A. and monitoring to the Gong Family unConvention, Amsterdam 2006
Jonathan Rhys‑Lewis
Consultant in Preservation & Collections Management [paper archives]
Alex Dekhtyar
USA 'Gong' page
"Not just another GONG website" : GAS Tapes, books, live concerts, bootlegs, memorabilia… fabulous archive curated by Gianmaria Rizzardi
pOoTers pSycheDelic shAcK
A.K.A tHe hEaVen aCCiDent - Dedicated to all things Psychedelic
Ben Sessa
The Psychedelic Renaissance, Altered States, Breaking Convention, and other psycho-pharmacological books by a lifelong Gong aficionado
The Strawbwerry Bricks Guide To Progressive Rock
'album of the day' feature on the website, plus an actual book by Charles Snider
Udi Koomran
Gong Radio show - with photographs?!?
UK Rock Festivals
Rock, 1960-1990; Free, 1960-1990 - Lots of Gong-related entries
Squatting archive : Grosvenor Road (roots of the Here & Now band), road protests, romanesque parapolitical philosphy, and so much more…
Glastonbury Online
Guide to Glastonbury - and surrounds
Isle of Avalon
Everything you ever wanted to know about Glastonbury - virtual, actual and possibly even astral
Red Brick Building
Community Benefit Society restorating and managing key parts of the old Morland's Tannery as a local arts and and enterprise centre. Industrial heritage saved from demolition by popular demand.
Unique Publications
Bruce Garrard - independent publisher in Glastonbury, author of Rainbow Fields is Home, The Ancient Problem with Men, and other counter-culture classics.
Shades and Characters
Graphic designer for the Glastonbury Festival