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Flying Teapot Café & Gallery AU
Manalanga Farm, Bridport Road at Brewers Creek, Bridport, Tasmania

Flying Teapot (British Steam Racing Car)
2009 Land Speed Record for steam (breaking the century-old record)…
Driver: Don Wales (also holds electric speed records)
Press: The Guardian UK

Flying Teapot (sailboat)
see 'Notable Yacht'

Cloud Gongs
Ancient Chinese musical instrument. Usually 10 small gongs in a wooden frame.

Falun Gong (Falun Dafa)
Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance - free classes
International (polyglot)
free downloads of PDF booklets, audio and video lectures, video tutorials; links to practice sites

G.O.N.G. = Global Oscillation Network Group
Sunspot spotters - near real-time data

Gong Bar-Café
Concordia 3, El Carmen, 46003 Valencia, Spain

gong linna Gong Linna
5th Element Middle Kingdom diva? Hot stuff. Check out the samples: "…transforming the lightness of traditional Chinese melodies and the 'Qi' (energy/breath) of centuries old Qin-compositions…"

Gong Zhu
Card game rules - a Chinese version of 'Hearts'.

Iverson Movie Ranch
Stoned pixies? All the Western, without the Spaghetti.

Qigong Institute
Qigong, T'ai Ch'i and the Energy Medicine Database - bio-energetics, epigenetics, gene expression, and neuroscience - podcasts, videos, … it's all happening here.

Prince Gong
'Prince Gong of the first rank' - Qing dynasty (19th Century).

Radio Gong

Teatrul Gong Sibiu RO
Children's and youth puppet theatre in Transylvania, established in 1949.

Tuff Gong
Bob Marley Foundation

World Peace Gong
'…the embodiment of Brotherhood and United World' - seems to get around as well… or else there are several.

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