planet gong phpc


Fabio Golfetti guitar
Violeta de Outono, Invisible Opera Company of Tibet (Brazil), Glissando Orchestra, Lux Æterna, Gong Global Family… joined GONG 2007. During the 1990s, Fabio developed a collaborative solo project under the codename Invisible Opera, linked to daevid allen. With Invisible Opera he released in 1993 the album Glissando Spirit and in 2010 the album UFO Planante. 2022 album Songs & Visions is a journey through imaginary landscapes - 8 instrumental tracks exploring psychedelia and jazz - contains glissando guitar!

Cheb Nettles, drums
Joined GONG 2014

Laurie Allan
Canterbury drummer: Roy Harper, Chris MacGregor, Piblokto, Formerly Fat Harry, Chris Spedding, Bob Downes, Delivery, Gong, Jonathan Swift, Barbara Thompson, Robert Wyatt, Gong (again), Peter Lemer, Lol Coxhill, Mother Gong, Steve Miller, John MacLaughlin, etc. : Calyx | Wikipedia

Pip Pyle 4 April, 1950 - 28 August, 2006 RIP
drums: Gong, etc…