planet gong phpc


Acid Mothers Temple
The Tribe
Altered Native
One Love
Big City Orchestra
idiosyncratocracy - San Francisco Bay area
Blue Midnight
Elliet Mackrell : violin, vocals (Kangaroo Moon, Chris Jagger trio)
Grant Showbiz : bass (producer and sound engineer : Here and Now, Planet Gong, Billy Bragg, The Fall, The Smiths)
Nick Waterhouse : trombone, vocals (Three Corners, The Frome Street Bandits)
Dave Johnson : vocals, harmonicas (The Excellentos)
Mike Fullick : drums
Black Moon Tape
Psychedelic Pop, Rock, and Electronica
The Burning Glass
Edwin Brooks : "Story Telling Star Gazing Ukulele Agit-Pop"
Can Am des Puig
Book of AM
CloudTea with a Chance of Golf Girl
Alphabet Business Concern - news, shop, history, sounds, archive
Japanese girl band and fave Gong support bandcamp | web
Musical pathfinders extrordinaire
Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy - beyond System 7
Gong isle of everywhere
A little patch of web all their own.
House of Thandoy
Steve Higgins (aka Pragito)
Incredible String Band
Be Glad for the Song has no ending…
Invisible Opera Company of Tibet
Kangaroo Moon
Mark Robson and company
The Yang to Gong's Yin?
Mirror System
Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy
Grant Showbiz and James Hood (may contains traces of Chrissie Hynde)
Ozric Tentacles
Offsprung de Gong?
Seize The Day
Ultra-active activist band
Seventh Wave Music
Nigel Shaw, Carolyn Hillier Riven, Global, more
University of Errors
daevid allen, Michael Clare, Josh Pollock…
Violeta de Outono BR
Fabio Golfetti
World Domination Enterprises
UK's first all-synthesizer band: Gwyo Zepix and Basil Brooks : Soundcloud | Wikipedia