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Christophe Charpenel FR
Fine Art photos for a Musical Mind, and other imagery

Festival Folk GB
photographic celebrations of Fairport's Cropredy Festival - proceeds to the Teenage Cancer Trust

Public group: 'Planet Gong'; open to view, free to join, members can contribute - stills, video, illustration, animation… (nowt to to do with us).

Jeza RIP
photographer, musician: Jezaland: Gong, Here & Now, Zorch and free festival photo galleries

artwork Marc Ingrand FR
Artist/Illustrator - Did the cover for Bubbled Up on Dub

Matt Howarth [comic book illustrator/writer]
Perhaps best known as the writer/artist of the 'Those Annoying Post Bros.' comic book series, in 1979, Matt collaborated with Gong's daevid allen on a short comic strip which was published in the Planet Gong Newspaper, a free giveaway in conjunction with Gong's debut USA Tour.

Phil Franks
PhilmFreax photographs include Gong, daevid Allen, Lady June, Nik Turner, Barney Bubbles, and many more…

Psychedelic Art
Robbie's online fluoro blacklight poster shop, festival photos, etc.

Ron Bracale
the usual suspects: daevid allen, gilli smyth, thom the poet, tim blake, del detmar, nik turner, richard sinclair…

Tash aka Alan Lodge GB
activist & photographer : 'One Eye on the Road'

Thomas Anfield CA
Vancouver-based painter, performance artist, art instructor. Last seen at Uncon 2006.

Traveller Homes GB
It's how we roll. Images and tales of converted buses, lorries, vans and caravans (mostly around the old free festival circuit), as well as boats, tractors and wagons, and all sorts. A sizeable and invaluable archive.