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Golly Gosh that was a wierd one!

The Gong touring party, bemused and slightly bewildered, have all just about returned to the UK after the (mis)-adventures of the North American Tour. Just Daevid (tomorrow) and Gilli (Friday) are left to come and prepare for the European jaunt.

Thank you to all of you who supported us so heartingly… wasn't the music great! But apologies to Canadians everywhere… there was simply no way we could come and remain viable. (Who said Gong were ever viable?).

Gong UK tour update

After a vast amount of mileage and dozens of stupendous gigs (abundant audiences yet strangely non abundant dosh?) the Gong band's muse sparkles brightly (or to put it another way the band's rainbow body has been achieved). And who are the recipients of all this hard work here at the turning of the year?… well you of course, our dear friends in the UK as we embark on the last leg of mega touring schedule.

We start the whole tour off with the Hackney extravaganza! All the stops are being pulled to make this one of those gigs that will make you remember fr years. The Gong horn section of Theo and Didier will be in rare action. There will be UV installations by Visual Bliss and hopefully the return of Gong lighting expert Rob Barham from the late 80s and early ninties to bedazzle and astound. Daevid Id is talking about getting in quad sound for the gliss and synthesizers and a whole host of other surprises are planned as well.

Add to this a performance by the legendary analog synthi masters Zorch, the full eight-piece Invisible Opera Co. of Tibet (who played some of the best gigs I saw this year and have just recorded a huge album!) and the opulent Edwardian splendour of the Hackney Empire and things are shaping up for some event.

The rest of the tour, which covers loads of new venues and towns (hopefully one near you), the word is out and tickets are going fast… especially in Scotland where the gigs are always very special.

It will be many moons before Planet Gong and the Misty Isles of the Planet Mirth are in conjunction again so do try and catch one or more of these gigs if at all possible… even if you have to row there!

System 7 vinyl

On 11th September in the UK System 7 release a 12" vinyl re-issue of 'Alphawave' complete with the full 19 minute Plastickman mix and 2 cmpletely new System 7 2000 mixes. It will be stocked in the bazaar.

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