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gong set list : My Guitar is a Spaceship, Kapital, All Clocks Reset, Rejoice!, Tiny Galaxies, My Sawtooth Wake, Through Restless Seas I Come, Lunar Invocation, Master Builder (Glorious Om riff), Choose Your Goddess

Gong & Ozric Tentacles joint tour reviews

Sheffield · Manchester · London (Now Spinning) · London (Voice) · Bristol ·

deya heydays

Deyá Heydays

'Between 1955 and 1985 a creative and adventurous crowd from all over the world arrived in Deyá and formed a community of artists and bon vivants who contributed to the vitality of what we call the Deyá Heydays' (contains traces of daevid allen, Gilli Smyth, Didier Malherbe, Kevin Ayers, Robert Wyatt, Lady June, Gong, Soft Machine, Euterpe, Robert Graves, et al…)

BBC 6 Music

Gong live on air

BBC 6 Music, Monday 13/11 22:00 GMT - replay till 12/12 : Riley & Coe

glastonbury tor

Normal for Glastonbury : Crap Views of Glastonbury Tor

2024 wall calendar, postcard book series 2 ·

unending ascending

Gong : Unending Ascending

pre‑order new studio album on CD or LP with (or without) our exclusive A5 art print ·

kavus torabi

Kavus Torabi interview : Everyone Loves Guitar

kavus on stage with gong

Kavus Torabi

…on the mythology of Gong, Hotel California moments with Steve Hillage and his epiphany with scales - Jamie Dickson, Guitar World

promo photo

Miranda Sex Garden

September, October tour dates : London, Leeds, Bristol, Colchester, Hastings - Kavus Torabi, Trevor Sharpe, Bev Lee Harling, Emmett Elvin, Teresa Casella, Katharine Blake (contains traces of Mediaeval Baebes) ·

Scald - Live 2022

Peter Lemer - Steve Cook - Laurie Allan : E

digital‑only release of 1977 jazz trio with former Gong drummer Laurie Allan - new on bandcamp ·

Scald - Live 2022

Anthropology Band : Scald - Live 2022

blend of prog rock, free jazz, astral travelling and energy - Chris Baber, Jazz Views

CD/digital new on Bandcamp - Martin Archer, Charlotte Keefe, Pat Thomas, Orphy Robinson, Chris Sharkey, Anton Hunter, Dave Sturt, Adam Fairclough ·

It makes sense to me

Chris Cutler : It makes sense to me

digital or 2CD compilation new on bandcamp - Henry Cow, Art Bears, Fred Frith, Pere Ubu, Peter Blegvad, Yumi Hara, Brainville 3, more… ·


Ian East & David Beebee : Momentito

old proper jazz quartet album, new on bandcamp, digital only (contains fruitful opposites - allegedly)

Gong + Ozric Tentacles

GONG + Ozric Tentacles = Joint Tour (reprise)

another 5‑a‑side game of 2 halves… starts 17/11 : Oxford · London · Manchester · Sheffield · Colchester · Northampton · Bristol · Gloucester · Birmingham · Brighton · Norwich · Bournemouth · Frome · Liverpool

Monty Oxymoron - Damned Rejects

Monty Oxymoron : Damned Rejects

new album on bandcamp (contains forbidden fruit - allegedly) ·

Steve Hillage

Steve Hillage interview

The Strange Brew podcast 92m27s ·

Angels Egg


Angels Egg half-speed mastered LP

just when you thought it was safe to go back into Record Store Day again… Angels Egg half‑speed mastered audiophile LP includes 16-page 'blue book' lyric and story pamphlet - the one and only official Gong Record Store Day album which benefits all the band members! release date Saturday 22/04 : UK · USA · worldwide ·

magazine logo

Didier Malherbe interview

It's Psychedelic Baby magazine - Max Ritter

Steve Hillage

Steve Hillage Band

LA Forum 31.1.1977 (CD)

Arriving in Los Angeles for the first time in January of 1977 to support ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) on their USA tour for two shows on the 27th and 31st… CD includes 16‑page booklet with photos from both shows, plus 3 live bonus tracks from Steve's encore on March 26th at the Rainbow Theatre in London.

fly poster

Glastonbury Record Fair

URC Church, High Street BA6 9DZ : Jonny/GAS + Kavus Torabi + The Comic Store + more… sponsored by The Comic Store, 56 High Street BA6 9DY

Hugh Hopper

Hugh Hopper

Dedicated To You But You Weren't Listening forthcoming biography updates… Facelift : The Canterbury scene(zine)

Uncut magazine cover

Gong : 'Magick Moments'

in February 2023 edition of Uncut magazine