planet gong bazaar

artwork daevid allen
Solo at The Axiom, Cheltenham, 1998
Obscura No.15
BMOVP015CD | 2006

(Sold out)

A musical master Shaman at play.

Gigs at this very friendly venue have alway seem to have a touch of magic about them, and if memory serves me, this was one of the best. If it is the gig I think it is, then there weren't probably more than about 70 people there. But I remember being absolutely blow away by the musical power, presence and stage craft daevid displayed to these lucky few that night, and thinking gigs don't get much better than this.

(The togs actually stayed on.)

These CDs are in matt black card covers with silver and white printing. This is the fiftheenth of a 20CD series, each release a limited pressing of 1000 copies only - no more will be pressed.

  1. Rich Man Eat My Voice [1'10] (daevid allen)
  2. High Points of Our Lives [2'43] (daevid allen)
  3. O My Poor Brothers [6'49] (daevid allen)
  4. Unbridle Me Gliss Then [12'04] (daevid allen)
  5. Ushadowself [4'17] (daevid allen)
  6. Age Cage [2'08] (daevid allen)
  7. My Penis is not Ageing [4'30] (daevid allen)
  8. Relationship of Fools [5'59] (daevid allen)
  9. Turn of the Road [4'03] (Les Barker)
  10. Shaun's Birthday Cheer [0'29] (God)
  11. Magick of the Circle [5'45] (daevid allen)
  12. Magick Brother [6'21] (daevid allen)
  13. Hours Gone [16'20] (daevid allen)
  • daevid allen {Acoustic, electric and gliss guitar, voice}