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artwork Guru & Zero
Beauty and the Basket Case
Obscura No.17
BMOVP017CD | 2006

The first spontaneous concerts of the trio in the USA 2002.

daevid and members of the Acid Mothers Temple are a meeting made in heaven or hell, depending on your inclination. The result is certainly never less than arresting. Sublime and demonic, often at the same time, it is music than cannot be easily ignored. Is this real 21st century psychedelia or the sound of music (society?/the musicians?) unravelling at the seams - listen and decide.

These recordings have been selected from the 2nd gig at the Egglake Festival in 2002 and the 3rd gig at the Hemlock in San Francisco, 31.8.02. They were recorded by Bill Maas.

These CDs are in matt black card covers with silver and white printing. This is the seventeenth of a 20CD series, each release a limited pressing of 1000 copies only - no more will be pressed.

All tracks written and composed by daevid allen, Cotton Casino and Kawabata Makoto.

  1. 00'00 coolbrow cathartonica (boiled Egglake)
  2. 06'32 thus spake lady cottonade (fried Egglake)
  3. 14'26 gentlemen strolling on a fine line (OM-lette)
  4. 15'19 the egg dragon's glittering eyes (scrambled egglake)
  5. 25'36 oh go OH YEAH (hemlocksfo jesu grill)
  6. 28'09 vegan feedback smoothie please (hsfo muzzleman gridlock)
  7. 34'32 psycho delicate hessianskin (hsfo robblnat goldclampervan)
  8. 39'32 elastic beaverzip cadenza (hsfo sri babacloo sidahltrip)
  9. 48'01 dead lady humanoid the return (hsfo goddex crustica)
  10. 53'32 the stranger in the tights (hsfo zoozen boo)
  11. 55'40 goodnight nusery (hsfomigodquick)
  • Cotton Casino {Zen synth and very unusual vocals}
  • daevid allen {Conditioned vocals, gliss and gutter guitar, worrying behaviour}
  • Kawabata Makoto {Very loud guitars, gentlemanly lute and lubricated utterances}