planet gong bazaar

Tim Blake
Tide of the Century
Blueprint BP340CD | 2000-09-25

After several years of phonographic silence… he returned at the turn of the century. [review]

Very good it is too. An absolute must for all Hawk/Gong devotees. [review]

Tracks: [66'25]
  1. Nature 'L'
  2. The Tide of the Century
  3. St Dolay
  4. Crystal Island
  5. Byzantium Dancing
  6. Sarajevo (Remember)
  7. Tribulations
  • Tim Blake {Keyboards, synths and vocals}
  • Christine Vitay {Vocals}
  • Marie-Ann Vitay {Vocals}
  • Loys Kerhas {Rap Vocal}
  • Min Tse Chou {Guitars, extra programming}
  • 'Stof' Kovaks {Analog synths}